The Elephant in the Peak Oil Living Room

Peak Moment 60: Richard Katz and Dennis Brumm burst the technofix dream-bubble by naming the hard stuff: the lack of sufficient alternatives to oil and gas at the enormous scale needed. Overpopulation exceeding the planet’s carrying capacity. Potential collapse. But wait! they close with ideas for positive individual responses. [] Video Rating: / 5

Peak Oil : Myth or Reality

Recorded in early Autumn 2007, Ian R Crane shared his insights into the deep geopolitical machinations of the Oil Industry and challenged the emerging ‘Peak Oil’ Cult. Eight months later the price of oil peaked at 7 per barrel, then crashed to per barrel in November 2008. The parallels between 2008 and 2015 may well … Read more

Peak Oil – Visually Explained

A Quick 3 minute video visually explaining Peak Oil, what oil is used for, and what the future may hold with regards to Peak Oil. This is the culmination of my year-long thesis project looking at how Graphic Design can help communicate a complex topic such as Peak Oil. Music is ‘Bronkelly Beat’ by VerseOne, … Read more

A New Twist on “Peak Oil” In mid-2000, the world feared it was running out of oil. Speculators, in turn, became feverishly bullish on oil’s price. A 78% crash soon followed. Now, the phrase “peak oil” has been re-introduced, but in a different way.