Connect Bypass Diode In Solar Cell To Maximize Your Solar Panel Efficiency !

Connect Bypass Diode In Solar Cell To Maximize Your Solar Panel Efficiency !

In This Video You Will Learn The Importance of a Bypass Diode in Solar Panel & Learn How To Connect a Bypass Diode to your Own Solar Cells to Improve The Efficiency of Solar Panel Under a Partial Shading Conditions.

We Will Also See How To Choose a Bypass Diode For Your Application .

Due To The Partial Shading on a Solar Panel Current loss occur ,this loss can be significantly reduced with the help of a bypass diode connected in a parallel to a solar cell .

So When Some Solar cell’s are Under Shade Bypass Diode Will Pass The Energy Through Them ,While Without The Bypass Diode Solar Panel Under Shade Will Loose The Energy In the Form of a Heat

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Prof. Richard Lunt of the Michigan State University and his team developed a completely new solar cell. This cell is transparent like glass and uses a much broader spectrum of light than common solar cells. With this technology in the near future it will be possible to charge mobile devices or vehicles. More over with transparent solar cells we could use buildings like skyscrapers to harvest energy.
Prof. Richard Lunt (Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science and Physics Michigan State University)
Keynote: „See-Through Solar Harvesting Surfaces“, recorded at BMW Welcomes – topic: Smart Materials.
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37 thoughts on “Connect Bypass Diode In Solar Cell To Maximize Your Solar Panel Efficiency !”

  1. If my panels (cells) are connected in parallel, do I still need a bypass diode to continue to conduct electricity? From my understanding, if the panels are shaded in series, the current will be reduced to that shaded cell but I'm not so sure what will happen in a parallel setup. Help?

  2. Thanks. For people who cant afford much solar, and need heat, they can make a homemade solar air heater (or water heater), and it can make even a thousands watts of free heat when the sun shines, and reduces the cost, plus you don't need firewood. electricity or oil. once its made. But it depends where people live too, sometimes the landlord wont allow different types of constructions.

  3. hey|| nice explaination but tell me one thing that….. what happen if we connect diode in parallel way…in each of the end of solar cell??

  4. Hi  ! how  charge  more   fast  the  bateri  in  series  or  parallel  6 small solar  panel  in  esries  or  paralel

  5. that is some very good information that i didn't realize thank you very much for sharing it ill be sure to use that trick wen i make another solar powered project.

  6. What about stability? Can you use these for years? Beacuse it sounds like perovskite which is you can paint and also good at efficiency but not stable

  7. Thank you for posting how much solar surface area we need. I got an area the size of texas if we use inefficient forms of storage.

  8. saying the only renewable energy that can power the world is wrong while its a better one its not the only one wind power has gotten the bloom tech and water just need the engine that drove on water reinvented ever since the guy that build one got jailed for no apparent reason an engine lost from sight

  9. nice , my country receives the largest amount of solar energy in the world , i wish we can use it one day , instead of oil .

  10. Warum kombiniert man nicht die beiden Arten von Solarzellen, indem man hinter die durchsichtige, die normalen macht? Das würde den Wirkungsgrad pro Fläche erheblich erhöhen und einen Großteil des Spektrums, das die Sonne aussendet abdecken.
    Das ist die Lösung für das "Problem" der ineffizienten "normalen" Solarzellen.


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