20 thoughts on “High Voltage Cable Recycling”

  1. So they only recycle the tiniest little bit of gold from the computer but toss the rest of the metal and glass into the trash. Smh. So much more could've been recycled but all they care about is making a profit instead of helping the environment.

  2. whatever there getting it for free and making millions…… So is a lot of townships doing the same thing. Some old tv's also

  3. i have never thought about computer this way because my focus for about 26 years is about how signals that pass through the golden metal are understood to preform a particular task like if someone is working on atom of a cell which is the inner most of the cell and the cell is the building block so once you've solidified it, 100 store building will stand on its feet.

  4. that's great, all people love gold and some people do appreciate diamonds but because diamond is expensive with low market demand, they are not willing to pay for it unless they have some money and some reasons. Probably like showing off how rich they are, and rarely how beautiful they are. sometimes we do appreciate expensive things rather than cheap ones but such things have to have real value that worth paid price.

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