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  1. I am happy for people to use my animation in presentations etc. As i made it to spread the word of deforestation, not to keep it to myself! I would appreciate it, however, if you made a comment on how your presentation etc. Went, as I would love to see how others see the messAGe of deforestation, and how they react. Thanks for enjoying it, I only made it for a project, and I am bowled over by how many people have seen it already, considering I expected the number to be 0!

  2. Used this for my Year 3 class when covering our topic, The Planet In Our Hands.
    Children loved it, we've made posters to help raise awareness about deforestation after watching your video (we played it several times at the request of the children)! πŸ™‚

  3. Hello Ms. Emily! I am a student from a Senior High School in the Philippines. We loved your video so much and we have decided to make it as one of our campaign materials against deforestation – for our thesis. We would like to ask your permission if we can repost it on Facebook, with credits to you, and we'll observe the feedbacks on your video.

  4. awesome video. Hello Emily, I am Azam from Malaysia, Can I use your video for teaching, educational and research gallery presentation? The purpose of the gallery is to educate young people to love their earth/nature. Thank you.

  5. hi
    thanks for this video
    concern is really big.
    but don't u think just 5 person so far commented on it.
    I'm Indian and admitted that India losses it's almost all forest land.
    but this is the problem .
    when I was start thinking about the solution my brain just stop.
    this problem is huge and ppl are engaging in just own crap even day by day they are making it more worst.


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