Flat Earth Proof Popular Science 1931 Proff Auguste Piccard View from Space

Flat Earth Proof Popular Science 1931 Proff Auguste Piccard View from Space

Popular science Magazine is proof that the Earth is Flat interview with Physicist Explorer Auguste Piccard? Lost in time but recorded in history Popular Science magazine 1931 Auguste Piccard says the earth “seems to be a flat disk with upturned edges”. He was the first man to reach the stratosphere in his gondola reaching 52000 feet.

Why are we not taught this in our schools? Instead they have us believe in the spinning globe. NASA covers it up with fake pictures, video and huge hypothetical theories becoming more frequent everyday!

Its time to debunk NASA and the lies of the Illuminati run governments and mason scientists that have been deceiving humanity for their own benefit for far too long.

Dean Odles video:

Soon the truth will be unveiled!

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Dave Mosher, projects editor for Popular Science, joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to share some of the year’s winning gadgets from the magazine’s annual Invention Awards
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  1. i'm open to both ideas, but lets say a plane is flying from japan to california, how would they get from one side of the flat earth to the other? i mean, what would happen? would they just instantaneously teleport to the other side? because we know they wouldn't just "fall off"

  2. When you been taught something all your life it's hard for people to believe that's it's not round only way is to find definitive proof but even then people will deny it

  3. Auguste Piccard is credited as being the first person to see the earths curvature. He made a comment about the earth appearing flat at 10,000 feet, not the 52,000 he finally reached when he saw the curve and documented it. Case closed for Flat Earth!

  4. We're not taught about him because he's a hack! 10 miles is baby shit! Upturned edges my ass! What the hell is he talking about! And who says he's the first person to see Earth from that height? Ancient writings from well before Christ describe Earth in such certain details that could only have been done so from miles high in the atmosphere or in space. Other ancient documents describe how to build and pilot ships that can go under water, fly in the air, and in outer space. They knew the air ended! At no time in Earth's history, not even the Middle Ages, was it considered general knowledge that Earth is flat! A spherical Earth has been pretty much well-known and accepted fact for all of human history! Flat-Earth representations have always been in the minority and usually reflect pictoral or symbolic nature, not the actual science or what people knew to be true. Also before Christ, one scientist figured Earth had to be a ball using a sundial. He figured out the size as well and was remarkably pretty close to accurate! Another man in ancient times also concluded Earth had to be a ball because all matter settles over time to it's lowest possible level by gravity, which is a ball. Other shapes can be perfect with respect to shape and dimension, but only a sphere can be perfect in shape, dimension, and volume, for, a sphere is the only shape that the most matter can fit within the least amount of wasted space because all surface area is equal distance from the center. These Flat-Earthers are a bunch of brain-dead punk-asses without so much as basic common sense and not even a rudimentary knowledge of the subject! Just about every socalled proof Earth is flat I've read is childish, limited in scope, and based on faulty assumptions and incomplete understandings! I have no use for blatantly and unabashed stupidity and ignorance!

  5. So what we really are is basically just one out of tens of thousands of small domed conversion piece setting on our creators dusty shelf gathering dust

  6. Mercury infested brain-dead easily programmable morons that gave the thumbs down this amazing man and Nikolai Tesla are the only true scientist the rest all frauds

  7. lol,
    …whilst expaining his findings Auguste Piccard said the Earth "seemed lika a flat disc with UPTURNED EDGES". Flat Earth "Proof" turns out to be a an observation of the Concave Earth / Cell Earth Model.

  8. i have actually been 65000 feet and seen the horizon , and you know what ? there is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO curviture as far as the eye can see , its as staight as a arrow all the way across ! dont you think id see just some kind of curviture ? of fucking course i would see it , do the math !

  9. Maybe his portholes distorted the view. Because an upside down cone theory featured here is making me laugh my are off

  10. this is why intelligent people stray from religion. ….. the fans….. you know who has ruined my favorite bands…..movies….. stories….. artists… etc etc….. the fucking fans….. nigger tonic…..laugh…. hahah….. fucking shit bag hicks

  11. omg..yall keep saying it's flat and all you see what's in front of u..I don't see the end..I don't see the whole planet..show me the whole planet..once you show full view then yea of course seeing is believin..not half showing..I can say a tennis ball is flat and get my camera and make it look kinda flat because I'm not fully a way from it..I think I need 2 build my own dam stuff 2 see 4 my self. …

  12. I've always wondered if you could win the Nobel prize for an Idea?
      I am not classically trained in anything near having to do with math or physics, but I love it!
    Something like intuition drives my mind to the apparent contradictions between Emc2 & quantum physics. Probability theory says ,in my understanding, no matter how impossible something may seem when all other explanations have been proven wrong what remains, no matter how improbable, must be true.
     Classical [relativity] physics explains , very accurately , the world around us. Even at an celestial scale down to the macro.
      Quantum physics ,on the other hand, describe events so small that it would be impossible to even observe with our limited senses without the help of  very powerful measuring instruments, which we haven't always had. Quite frequently we find reality acts in a counterintuitive way on the "Quantum" scale.
     Take the propagation of the interference pattern in the famous double slit experiment. We are all familiar with the wave propagation collapse when one or the other sides of the slits are observed to see which side the electron, photon etc.. went through. All the great minds of our time couldn't figure it out but the Quantum physicists came up with the probability equation which they believed explained the electron positioning, but not the collapse. What causes that?
      What if classical physics was right after all? Quantum physics says the electron exists as probability. The electron is more likely to be at a crest and less likely at a trough. It exists, according to Quantum theory, as both a wave and a particle! Talk about counter-intuitive.
     I propose Quantum Physics is close but ultimately flawed. Take for example so called Quantum Computers. If it was working as these physicist predicted it would have been faster by orders of magnitude than a conventional computer. Well they've built these Quantum Computers , but guess what, they work no faster than conventional computers which seems to imply that their equations Are Flawed!
     I also propose that the reason the interference pattern collapses is quite simple, the detector set up at the observing slit blocks the vibrations of the ether that the electrons initiate and  "ride" on . I believe the reason photons and electrons behave the way they do, like both a wave and particle, is because they create a wave in the ether [The 99% of the universe we can't perceive possibly] and because they are more buoyant than the ether they ride its "surface" not unlike a ball floating on water.
     I also propose the weight of an electron or photon dictates its "frequency", for example a heavier particle will vibrate less than a lighter particle. I also believe an equation can be formulated to describe the ethers mass and/or density by taking into account the weight and frequency of certain particles propagating through space. Using this equation we can take the properties of the matter we can see to describe the density of the "ether" we can't see. This way we may find a tool to help us describe the  near, estimated 99% of the universe we cannot observe through conventional methods.
    One more interesting thought, these particles that appear to "phase" in and out of existence may merely be the equivalent of a heavier particle being submerged [to take the floating particle on water analogy a little further] intermittently underneath the "surface" of the ether,maybe because its near neutral buoyancy.
     I'm thinking Einstein's description could be enhanced if we imagine the part of our observable universe floats on the surface of the ether [which is probably four dimensional]and the Other 99% is just below the surface all around us but submerged where we can't detect. What kind of world lies beneath the surface?

  13. Just realised that the helmet won the Popular Science magazine's "Safety Invention of the Year".  Utterly incredible since there is no proof that it improves safety.  If there is one thing Popular Science isn't, it's scientific.  David Mosher, you should be ashamed.

  14. guy did a shit review of the products. Providing potential uses is key not previous interactions

  15. ….. i weep for our future
    … walk 15-20 MILES  but dont worry there is a dummy in the other shoe to keep you balanced… why not another unit so its  7.5 to 10 miles?

  16. and China is all set to copy the technology, reverse-engineer it, and sell it for 1/10th the price.

  17. its way cooler to make your own guitar controller attachment with an arduino and processing into Max. Also, can't you put another unit in your other shoe so you have two packs charged simultaneously?

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