Fossil Fuels: History, Environment, and Future

This is the video I made for Science class, when we were assigned form of energy to make a presentation on.
Music I used is This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars, and I used iMovie to create this presentation.

I do not own any of the pictures, audio, or anything else in this video. All rights to the pictures go to their original owners, the song to 30 Seconds to Mars and their label. I OWN NOTHING. I merely used them, as well as facts I found, and put it all together in this video for the purpose of nothing but information. I have no monetary gain from creating this video.

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20 thoughts on “Fossil Fuels: History, Environment, and Future”

  1. The problem with using fossil fuels is not that they are being used, but that they are being used inefficiently and crudely. Governments and universities have largely failed to invest in research into improving the technologies to make use of fossil fuel cleaner. Mainstream media and universities demonstrate a fixation on sexuality; promoting homosexuality and changing women into men. Scientific research is sometimes useful. e.g. research into improving the technology for use of arsenic has resulted in it being a very common food preservative – without whimper by Government, media, or universities. Why are crises in use of fossil fuels (except petroleum) now so heavily promoted by universities and media? Why have they not invested $ and time to fossil fuel technology, so important to the financial viability to countries such as Australia? Who benefits from crises such as the Asian financial crises?

  2. if westerners can reduce your standard of living, then the carbon emission will be reduced significantly, what a bunch of hypocrisy

  3. The propagation of fossil fuel and its by-products are an industry that is nothing less than a mass-murderous and suicidal-maniac mentality. Let us all back out of all the toxic, poisonous and deadly things ASAP, for all that is good.

  4. So when we aren't using fossil fuels, how do we replace ordinary items made from, say, petroleum, that we use everyday like plastic, rubber, clothes, shoes, containers, medical supplies, shelter and everything else that improves our quality of life?

  5. Nice production, but you left out the nuclear alternative, which is the only scalable technological alternative at present. Wind, solar, hydro are limited, intermittent (except hydro), and require the backup of fossil fuels, which is why Germany is now burning more coal than prior to ending nuclear power plant operation and stepping up unreliable, so-called renewable energy sources. I hope 00StevieJ is teaching that to his students, too.


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