Is Your House Causing Global Warming?

Energy efficiency at home is crucial to protecting the environment. Where exactly do our houses waste the most, and how can we fix it?

The Difference Between Global Warming and Climate Change –
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Mapping How the United States Generates Its Electricity
“Coal and natural gas are the most common sources for electricity in the country, but coal represents a declining share.”

How You Can Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Home
“More than half the electricity in the United States comes from polluting coal-fired power plants. And power plants are the single largest source of heat-trapping gas.”

CFLs vs. LEDs: The Better Bulbs
“Energy experts agree that the incandescent bulb is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. In fact, in 2007, Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act, which requires that all light bulbs sold on the market have a 30 percent increase in efficiency over today’s standard incandescent bulbs by 2012 to 2014.”


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The new EPA Administrator states he does not believe that CO2 is the leading cause of global warming, but science proves otherwise.

39 thoughts on “Is Your House Causing Global Warming?”

  1. I just came to answer the vids title… I hope so. I burn extra coal, wood and garbage to do my fair share of killing the environment. I even have a diesel truck and I did the egr delete so that I can roll coal every so often. You smell that? Smells like global warming/climate change and I like it.

  2. Pretty ironic that the host isn't vegan, when animal agriculture is much more responsible for global house emissions and water shortages than cars or light consumption….

  3. I can give testament that just changing regular incandescent bulbs for CFL ones save a lot of $$$ ! I live in a developing country in the Caribbean and CFL bulbs have been widely adopted just for the savings.

  4. i became vegetarian and use a bicycle for close distances. i don't use air conditioner even at 45 degree Celsius. never used heaters. switch off thr lights everytime i go out of the room.

  5. In Sweden there is a law so that stores can't sell regular lightbulbs. That's why everyone in Sweden has LED's instead.

  6. It isn't the term "climate change" that'ts the problem, it's the term "lifestyle change" which isn't prominently used, but would ultimately be necessary to make a difference (and this applies to dieting as well). Unfortunately, "lifestyle change" comes with an exaggerated perception of enforced, unpleasant, personal sacrifice and deprivation that's feared to be far worse than the reality., In a society dependent on increased personal consumption and enrichment over the benefits of the community. it's always going to be a tough sell, especially when one group feels another is getting more than their fair share.

  7. The governments are the biggest problem. But besides that the number one source of co2 is priduced by cows and pigs by way of methane gas because of the way they're massed farmed. If left to graze in fields they don't do this. But when caged together like sardines and fed corn they make about 55 gals each a day. Like our brother Tupac said. Lets change the way we eat. Lets change the way live. And let's change the way we treat each other. See the old isn't working so it's on us to do what we gotta do to thrive. He says survive but I prefer thrive. You get it. Unite & Ignite. The biggest fires begin with a single spark. Peace and Love.

  8. What is the impact on the environment of the manufacturing of different bulb types? LED, CFL, Incandescent, Fluorescent and Halogen. I'd like to know over the long run which is actually the best for our planet.

  9. 95% of the energy produced in Costa Rica is renewable energy. Even though, climate change has caused droughts in some part of the country and floods in others. If a third world country of 5M people population can do it, you can do it too America.

  10. Climate changes.
    Man made climate change ? maybe not.
    The sun is a million times bigger that earth.
    The weather on the sun directly causes weather on earth.

    But there are bad pollutants from fossil fuels, nuclear fuels, etc.
    that are poisoning our environment.

  11. For every 2 lb of co2 you save, someone is having 13 kids in a developed country… Nuff said. Its not the environment that is in danger, its people.

  12. Temperature manufacture is exactly what the alarmists do . Climate change alarmists are unfortunately caught continuously manipulating the data .They do not understand that the co2 has little to do with temperature at the current and near future levels .Typical lies again when this video tries to claim again that 97 % of scientists agree in the co2 theory .That is a lie which is quoted non stop and yet is so far from the truth it has become idiotic banter from lazy people who are ignorant of the full picture of scientific evidence .

  13. Ah, again with the 97% myth and temperature reconstructions. Fuck you trash channel. 1:38 of horse shit. The almighty dollar is your interest.

  14. I came here for a weather forecast , but what I find is more political hacks . Sense when did the weather channel turn into a propaganda machine ?

  15. fake chart co2 has risen much faster then temp in fact at the end of the chart co2 levels should be much higher then the temp line, you are miss representing the facts all to push your own ideology. The second chart is fake to we only have only risen 1 degree The last part is ipcc prediction in other words it has not occurred. In fact all the ipcc models has failed miserably over the years

  16. These graphs are very deceiving. They are like polls which also show extreme bias. 22,000 years and a 3-4 degree(approx.) temperature change. Not to mention it is not attributed to CO2 alone. Yes man has affected the Climate but not in the ways we are told. The spike you see in the graph is a prediction and should not be shown in this graph. This vid is a total spin and not scientific at all.

  17. i can draw a chart but it dont make it so. oh and the weather is warming up a pinch in the states so i think its upper global warming this time of year then lower global cooling in 6 months ill go check the weather and brb in 6 mo.

  18. that ahole is goingto damage more the planet in 4 years then anybody else only for money, he doesn't care hes old he will die in less then 20 years but the consequence of his decisions are going to be disastrous #moneytalk #trumpgang

  19. Apparently you can become immortal by talking to the sky wizard through magical verbal spells and by getting magic water sprinkled on you. I was told this by a completely credible scientist who is a climate change skeptic


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