Know Your Genetically Modified Foods

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It should be obvious by now but some haven’t been awake to this information yet. Genetically modified food is poison. GMO is a process of inserting genes from a different species into a crop or animal using a “gene gun”.

When we consume this food, our DNA, which is our programming language, we will receive damaged DNA.

Avoid the GMO at all costs.

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32 thoughts on “Know Your Genetically Modified Foods”

  1. New drought resistant corn varieties are being currently trialed and have showed promising results with the ability to grow under water stress, and produce better yield under such conditions,

  2. Recently in the Philippines golden rice which is fortified with vitamin A is being tested, to evaluated its ability to limit malnutrition, which occurs amongst Asia poorest who have a diet consisting largely of rice which lacks vitamin A, some of these scientific trials were destroyed recently and it has since been reveled that individuals were paid to destroy these crops, a online petition condemning these acts has already gained more than 5000 signatures

  3. bt gm which is the production of a bt protein inside the plant which targets insect from the caterpillar and beetle family which are common plant insect pest for example has dramatically decreased the use of toxic insecticides which are non targeted toxin which kill off large amounts of biodiversity in a field,
    roundup ready or glyphosate resistant, allow for crops to be grown with limited to no till, which require far less machinery therefore use less fuel and produced less carbon.

  4. the seralini rat study claiming tumor growth from gm crops has also been completely debunked as bias, the results they claim as showing gm as causing tumors shows no positive correlation, a increase in rate of effect tumors and death, with and increased rate of gm or roundup, in fact in several cases the exact opposite is seen where at higher doses the effects are lower than control, so whatever is the cause of these results one thing is sure that it is not the gm diet

  5. "Demolishing the myth that Monsanto drove Indian farmers to suicide, Paul Raeburn | March 13, 2013 | Knight Science Journalism Tracker"

    "Nature | News Feature, Case studies: A hard look at GM crops, Superweeds? Suicides? Stealthy genes? The true, the false and the still unknown about transgenic crops, Natasha Gilbert, 01 May 2013"

    gm crops have not had any influenced on suicide in India, it happened before bt cotton introduced, there was no increase in rate seen when bt cotton was introduced

  6. what the bias french rat study, funded by criigen which is run by a homeopath, connected to supermarkets which started marketing campaigns for non gm just before this study was released, funded through shell corporation to hide funding, that releases a study claiming to show gm diets cause tumors and early death and data that shows no positive correlation between the two, but shocking picture of rats with massive tumors feed gm and no comparison pictures of non gm rats which also had tumors

  7. nothing positive whatsoever about GM foods, causes tumor growths and only profits for Monsanto which owns the rights by their patents. Over a quarter million of Indian farmers have killed themselves over the use of GM crops.

  8. This seems very one-sided. They didn't list ANY of the positive aspects of GM foods, and there are no citations for all the side effects that they listed. just saying

  9. (at)brummiegrl Donald Rumsfeld was president of Searle when Aspartame was approved.Searle was taken over by Monsanto.Rumsfeld CEO. Rumsfeld was believed to have made $12 million from the sale. Rense gives TIMELINE. Aspartame 11% Methanol turns into Formaldehyde in the body. Also Google Ramazzini 2005 rats pdf for study of aspartame on rats which were trialled with aspartame and autopsied. Leukaemia and Lymphoma prevalent. Google Aspartame and Sweet Misery also very enlighteing.

  10. (at)brummiegrl Thank you very for your info. I sort of figure out that Monsanto obviously have political connections but directly with Rumsfeld !! wow It is amazing how they are getting away with all these. People should wake up, at least the signs are good with the Occupy movement.

  11. I have done a lot of research into how Monsanto genietically modified soya beans etc to overcome RoundUp Weedkiller. It is disgusting. They now have superweeds and failing crops so it has backfired. Donald Rumsfeld of Monsanto and Ronald Reagan passed Aspartame for human consumption t although Scientists at the time said it was not safe. It comes down to greed and disregard for society.

  12. OMG the IGNORANCE of most of these comments is just astounding. GMOs ALTER DNA …PERIOD! Sheep …you are the reason why you will be assimilated and serve the transhumanism agenda. Sheep won't understand that one either. GREAT JOB explaining this to the sheep. Let them continue eating those GMOs.

  13. That's not how DNA works, I'm afraid. DNA can't survive in the stomach, and cells don't take DNA to add to their own. DNA is broken into its base components (separate A, G, T, and C) then those are used to build DNA during mitosis. Any organism that inserts is DNA into your body will make you sick, such as viruses and some bacteria, and said pathogens are attacked by the body and broken down.

  14. Ok, so from what I understand about GMO's, they are food that is modified so it will grow faster and create bigger tomatoes for example, so that companies can meet the demands for feeding the population of the world, so if it is unnatural, (as it obviously is, I am not denying it) why are these companies still using GMO's? It is clear to me, that the cancer rate of the world is going up as a result of these genetically modified foods, but what is the solution? Not to produce GMO's? And if so, what would be a better way to meet the demands of the population regarding the production of food?

    I understand the part of the video where it explains the side effects of GMO's, but if you stop this process, will the companies be able to meet the demands of consumption? I am just wondering, cause to me, GMO's are there to meet the demands of the consumption of the world population, and have no hidden dark agenda, right????

  15. +ninjamatic5000 Listen, you came on here with a little bit of of advanced knowledge on DNA, it's a shame that the same people that go over the moon to enslave and control humanity (the government) are also the ones that created a education system as another form of control through the information they provide you, hence why you wouldnt agree with this video, you should stop being so ignorant and realise the truth.. research a bit on spirituality and mind control and im sure you will be astounded

  16. Your ignorance is astounding, as is the audaciousness with which you're pulling bullshit out of your ass. Please remove yourself from the internet as well as any other place where uneducated fools could be influenced by your nonsense. Thaaanks.

  17. Completely and utterly wrong. Anyone with even a high school level grasp of biology can tell you that you are not only wrong, but you are extra wrong. DNA is a code inside an organism's nucleus which tells the cell how to build proteins. 

    Consuming DNA does not affect your own DNA at all.

    AT ALL.

    You would think this would be common knowledge, but according to some fucking study, 80% of americans want foods that contain DNA to be labeled. That would be everything that you've ever eaten you fucking morons, unless you just ate a big thing of salt and washed it down with distilled water.

    But back to this. Eating DNA doesn't affect your OWN DNA because DNA is flimsy and is broken down by your digestive system, so it's not in any order when it enters your bloodstream.

    Even if it did enter your bloodstream intact, it would have to find its way into your cell's nucleus and attach itself onto your own DNA in order to be harmful. As far as I know, viruses are the only things that do this. By that I mean viruses attach themselves to a cell, drill their way in, and release RNA, which cuts into DNA and waits for the body's own enzymes to transcribe the RNA into proteins to create more viruses.

    If eating GMO DNA worked like this, it would mean ALL DNA worked like this. Which would mean that all foods would disrupt your genetic code. Nothing would be edible, except for clones of yourself which already have your DNA so it wouldn't harm you by hijacking your own.

    No. Your DNA can really only be damaged by natural mutations which occur at conception, or fraying DNA copies which develop with age, or by radioactive interference, which strips electrons away from base pairs, allowing them to improperly bind with incorrect base pairs.

    Eating GMO just means you're eating foods with the same proteins we're already used to, except the proteins produced by that organism are controlled. Completely fucking safe.

  18. LOAD OF POO. We have been eating GMF for decades with not a single shred of evidence it harms people.  GLOBAL WARMING ON THE OTHER HAND….


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