Mark Steyn vs Michael Mann, Climate Change: The Facts, Keynote 4, ICCC10

Mark Steyn talks about his new book, “Climate Change: The Facts” and his lawsuit against climate scientist Michael E. Mann of Penn State University at The Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change on June 12, 2015. To watch all presentations from this conference and others, visit To read all of Mark Steyn’s work, visit
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FACT #1 – 0:06 : Point Of No Return

FACT #2 – 1:24 : Tidal Turbines

FACT #3 – 2:34 : Animal Extinction

FACT #4 – 4:11 : Ocean Acidification

FACT #5 – 5:18 : Coral Reef Bleaching

FACT #6 – 6:53 : Cows Are Killing Us

FACT #7 – 8:19 : Rising Sea Levels Will Overtake Cities

FACT #8 – 9:49 : Shishmaref, Alaska People Forced To Move

FACT #9 – 11:18 : Melting Glaciers Cause Earthquakes

FACT #10 – 12:34 : Trumpeter Swans Thriving?

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Intro Line:

Point Of No Return

Tidal Turbines

Animal Extinction

Ocean Acidification

Coral Reef Bleaching

Cows Are Killing Us

Do Cow Farts Really Significantly Contribute to Global Warming?

Rising Sea Levels Overtaking Cities

Shishmaref, Alaska People Forced To Move

Melting Glaciers Cause Earthquakes

Trumpeter Swans Thriving?
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33 thoughts on “Mark Steyn vs Michael Mann, Climate Change: The Facts, Keynote 4, ICCC10”

  1. First, I'd suggest the people who spouse the "Global Warming" (aka "Climate Change") religion to at least hear the man out before going nuts over what they don't even know he said! It's a pity that James Lakely's introduction of Mark Steyn did not make this video; it was very interesting. Here's the whole thing from CSpan: I'd LOVE to see Steyn debate Mann! That'd be fun to watch!

  2. Dang! Another stutter suggesting a "cough – cough", "Koch – Koch" tinge of tainting, while . . .
    🦊 🦊 Co2 (at) 411.24 Ppm & Rising Fast! 🦊 🦊 – 🦊 StopYourEngines.Com 🦊
    🦊 🦊 SCREAMS 🦊 🦊 🦊 IMPALE SCOTT PRUITT 🦊 & his Ilk!

  3. 2:00 Even though the “Canuckaphobic” line is a joke, that’s not why Mann sued this person. Calling someone’s work “fraudulent” is damaging to ones reputation, and not the courts have to make sure that Steyn didn’t do it to hurt Mann’s reputation. Steyn winning isn’t a contribution to science, it’s just a precedent for what constitutes libel. True contributions are made by research and peer-review. And even if Mann’s methodology was found to be flawed, what about the other findings showing the current period of warming and co2 to be significant?

    3:13– current, non-historical and truly scientific evidence does not support this. And even if it was warmer then, so what? That doesn’t mean that co2 had to be what made it warmer then. There are a number of factors that drive climate, and co2 isn’t always the big one. It just happens to be right now because we add so much to the atmosphere.

    5:04 Mann didn’t erase the MWP. You can actually see a little increase in his graph, and even more modern graphs show that it was hot for its time and not as hot as today. Also, you can’t say what a prosperous time this was historically, when the history being used is entirely from one area of the world, and the world was set up entirely differently then than it is now. In other places, agriculture and society may have been devastated by the effects of warming. I don’t know if it was or not, but you can’t assume that, because things were good in location x, things would be good everywhere.

    5:40 Jesus Christ… Isn’t this this side the one always inappropriately parroting “CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION!!!!”, as if the scientists also don’t have reasonable confidence of causation? Why would Canada’s success be caused due to warming? And if it was, why would other places be better off too? Because if modern Africa got any hotter, I’m SURE they’d be even worse off than they are now. I’ve met people who moved to escape the heat, and I know that many people don’t live in the desert. So is that as equally a compelling argument against the benefits of warming? Or are we all gonna continue to hold that evidence to a higher standard than that of contrarians and deniers? Scientists can give loads of global temperature and weather patterns that you all say are stupidly oversimplified, but you all accept “it snowed today” as an argument against warming?

    7:50– That’s a cute story and all. But it doesn’t matter what this scientist SAYS about it. That’s just an appeal to authority. What matters is what the evidence says. And what that says is that the MWP is real, and that it wasn’t “erased” by Mann or by any other scientist. The claim that it was erased has not been proven, especially since every single reconstruction by alleged “librul cawnspiraturrs” I’ve seen includes it. Even the alleged liberal echo chamber (it’s not liberal or an echo chamber) mentions it! ( You have to admit, they’re doing a pretty horrible job if they are trying to hide stuff, especially when they publicly release these things. Maybe they just aren’t trying to hide anything? Maybe that’s a lie made up by conspiracy theorists who want to act like silenced victims? Could that be it instead? And no one stated that nothing has happened until now! The temperature graphs that go back the furthest even clearly show that eras like the Eocene are WAY hotter than now, so there is clearly no big conspiracy to erase data like that.

    9:10 I can’t speak for uneducated activists, but schools don’t tell anyone that nothing was happening in the past. It’s almost common knowledge that there were hotter times and colder times in the past. Everyone knows about both ice ages and times where the earth was way warmer. People with more education learn specifically about the MWP. No cover-up here 🙂

    9:20 E V I D E N C E. You saying that it’s wrong isn’t good enough, and neither is you saying that governments and schools are using it wrong or are only using the Mann graph. The use plenty of other graphs, which all still show the MWP, and the IPCC and other organization use those as reconstructions as well.

    9:40 Several investigations found that nothing was wrong with the graph, and similar looking graphs (except with more accurate MWP readings) are still being replicated today. No one who thinks he is making good points is a “skeptic”, because they’re falling for claims that are not only unproven, but have been thoroughly debunked as well. The people eating this up are “deniers”, and are actually more “sheep” than many of the people that they claim are sheep.

    10:40 I think Mann overreacted, but the court siding with you will not make his science wrong. It will just make what you said not-libel.

    13:00 this whole thing is actually pretty funny. It’s super douchey to take credit for an organization’s prize. I’m sure I’d like this guy as a comedian a whole lot. He’s just putting forth a shameful misrepresentation of facts and falsehoods that no one here has addressed.

    15:40 this is totally irrelevant to what he was talking about with Nobel prizes. Data readjustments are a different issue. And panels of scientists all over the world investigated this and determined that what NOAA did was appropriate. Now, you can argue that all of these scientists and organizations like the EPA are corrupt, but you’d be a fool to do so until you provide evidence of this. Until then, these organizations do their jobs right, and therefore what NOAA did was appropriate and academically honest. They had no qualms about making adjustments because what they did was scientifically sensible and correct to do.

    16:40 If we’re gonna play the opinion game, here ya go.
    A whole board that disagrees. If you make up data and lie about what other people have found despite proof that your concerns are accounted for and are insignificant, then you are denying evidence and accepting untested fringe conspiracy claims without evidence or investigation. You deserve worse than “denier”. You deserve “gullible conspirator”. There are actual skeptics out there, like Richard Lindzen, and formerly Richard Muller, who actually try to back up their claims with evidence and don’t think that there is some big conspiracy going on. THESE are the skeptics. Tim Ball and people who cry “climategate” (also unproven) are the conspiracy theorists. I think Denier is overused, but sometimes, it’s okay to call people what they are.

    18:50 It’s easy to say this when emails are taken out of context, but again, the investigations found nothing on the science and found no corruption. You are being a conspirator, and have no business talking about “the integrity of science”.

    19:40 They use so much more evidence than a hockey stick.
    Quit being a conspirator and actually show some evidence and people will quit calling you a denier. If you think that the only evidence for warming is the hockey stick graph from over a decade ago, then you are really misinformed.

    19:50 EVIDENCE!!! This is getting old! Most models show independently that the warming is still happening, and unless you can show that they are wrong, and then show that other factors aren’t driving it down too, and then show that they’re all based on Mann’s graph, then this is nothing but some Alex Jones level ranting and howling.

    20:40 Being a contrarian is not courageous. If you make a significant finding that is reproducible and well-founded, you’ll be famous and may be considered a hero! That Galileo comparison needs to die too. Galileo was not a contrarian against a field of evidence, who fudged other people’s numbers to make a false conclusion. He was like the only scientist at the time, and he was fighting against religious dogma and for the scientific method. You won’t be placed under house arrest or even bullied for proving something new today. You’ll be celebrated. Because if you found that co2 was not the cause of the warming, then maybe we could work on technologies that address the ACTUAL cause instead of a false one, and we wouldn’t have to restrict the lucrative energy source that is fossil fuels. What sort of insane government would voluntarily give up fossil fuels just to tax citizens more?

  4. Our teachers are mostly female or wussified men so there will be no critical thinking there. Wasserman — Schultz saw nothing problematic about hiring a Muslim immigrant named Abid to keep her government's secretes safe.

  5. No mention of the actual crisis happening as he speaks. His only argument is that Mann is a liar about climate change. Does you tube consider climate change to be a debate or a reality.


    The NATURAL CAUSE of global warming is GRAVITATIONAL-FRICTION HEAT IN THE CRUST. 2 processes produce this heat: Continental heating and Oceanic heating. Earth Tides caused by the pull of the Moon and Sun on the landmasses cause, on average, 3,000 earthquakes PER DAY. Earthquakes cause movement inside the crust which creates frictional heat hot enough to melt rock. This is the true source of lava. This heat vaporizes some of the water inside the crust which raises the temperature and releases huge amounts of water vapor into the atmosphere. The rise in temperature activates dormant microbes which release huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is why a rise in CO2 FOLLOWS a rise in temperature. This also explains crazy and heretofore inexplicable weather that seems to appear out of nowhere. It's all part of natural cyclical events. When scientists finally figure this out, they will know that there is WATER inside the Earth instead of MAGMA, they will understand the true cause of EARTHQUAKES (gravitational pull from the Moon and Sun), they will see patterns that will allow for accurate prediction and early warning of weather events, and there will no longer be any debate over Global Warming.

  7. Pollution is real. Climate change (man-made) is a crock of shit however. The SUN drives our climate, not us.
    Its not demonstrated to be scientific fact, despite what preacher Al Gore and his followers claims to believe in. You cannot even hope to apply falsification to it, and thus it'll never be a theory or framework or predictive model of reality.
    Kudos on pointing out the pollution caused by man's lust for meat though. Fat chance of stopping it though.

  8. You are warming is the most dangerous cult ever..I'm amazed how easily people get sucked into this..I've seen videos of elementary school kids being brainwashed with climate change lies. Horrible…

  9. another awesome video bro great work and i have nothing to worry about i live so far away from the ocean 🙂


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