Methane Wasn’t Scary Enough Now There are “Super Greenhouse Gasses” a Story of Bait and Switch

If you are over the age of 35 you have seen the progression of bait and switch scary gasses and effects of human influence on our planet. First it was CO2 but none of the models happened in accordance with projections, so it had to be sped up with Methane as the new scary gas. That didn’t materialize either so the new “Super Green House” Gas HFC’s, Hydroflurocarbons are being unveiled. All the while time runs out as imminent global cooling approaches.

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AIRS scientist Ed Olsen was interviewed and filmed for Eco Company, a national TV show hosted by teens. The show explores all aspects of being green and understanding how we impact our world, and it reports on the latest technologies in energy, recycling, conservation and organics to stories of young people making a positive impact on the environment. Ed was asked about the AIRS mission, greenhouse gases, and infrared technology. More about the segment here:
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20 thoughts on “Methane Wasn’t Scary Enough Now There are “Super Greenhouse Gasses” a Story of Bait and Switch”

  1. doubt merchant..probably sitting in an office cherry picking graphs and reports to fit his agenda….i bet he goes from air condition house to air conditioned car to air condition going outside for this guy..until outside comes and burns down or wipes away his house..THEN.maybe ….thought changes…..he gonna eat those words
    i feel kinda sorry for the guy

  2. The question becomes "Will Trump and his suicidal supporters bring an end to civilization or will Mother Nature do the deed?" There is no 2050 or even 2030 folks. We just had a catastrophe in Antarctica folks, pointing right at the extinction bullet and smoking gun and humans of all nations are too distracted or willfully ignorant to comprehend the dire situation. This is an IQ test we have to get right the first time and everytime; right girls and boys? As explained at the main Paris Accord site we'll all be dead in 2-5 years.  Like oil companies, splashy headlines put profits over people and our planet while optimistic myopic politicians ignore scientific data, worry about economic issues with totally unrealistic schedules and incomplete data suggesting we have more time. "THE CLIMATE CLOCK IS STRIKING MIDNIGHT." – Naomi Klein, but more accurately, it struck 20 years ago.  I run the largest network of renewable energy and climate/environmental sites on earth. Pay attention. Global warming? Rising sea levels? Mass migration? Refugee camps? Stay calm? Find common ground? Worry about CO2 levels in 50, 500, 5,000 or 50,000,000 years? Instead, first try drinking good  wine and burn 'em if ya got 'em cause we're fkd. Now admit it so you can change your perspective, objectives and schedules. 1. First, in our glorious age of tech in 2017; Govts, Corps and ALL journals/lectures/videos/IPCC reports are way behind, near useless, dysfunctional and often corrupt. As described at and the main Paris Accord site "EVERY MONTH'S AVG TEMP OF EVERY CITY IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE WILL BEAT THE PREVIOUS MONTH UNTIL WE'RE EXTINCT." Infants won't see age 10, Kids won't see age 20, Grads won't see age 30. When the arctic is ice free this summer 2017, the heat sink is gone, our ICE radiator is dry, engine/earth smokes going from .75 watts/sqM to 2 watts/sqM like taking a 150 oven to 450 and almost instantly abrupt extinction kicks in and everything dies soon thereafter. 30 seconds before your vehicle overheats and no longer runs, its running fine, you're doing 60 down a freeway. even though the temp gauge is rising. We have a lot of alarms going off today, grain and oxygen levels are just two, along with record temps across the U.S. and planet, an ice free arctic, record breaking iceberg, increasing levels of methane spewing from the arctic floor. Do your population projections include any of that? No; just because you're fine, if you're not watching the gauges because you can't comprehend reality and the wide spectrum of factors supporting population growth, or are simply in denial, that doesn't mean your car or in this case, human civilization, isn't already in the midst of an abrupt change. If you get confused, can't do the math, astronomy, biology, oceanography and more, and "Get it" by facing the harsh reality of near term extinction, try ALL the videos at and and if still confused I can't help you; try a 12 year old. 97% of them I meet as a teacher already "Get it" and most can explain it. If you can't "Get it" from a 12 year old kid obviously there are other issues I can't fix. No worries; nature will. Try this simple video for an easy to digest primer; high school level science class. Fossil fuel and nuclear advocates bribed us with $2-$3/gallon gas, then bribed Norwegians, "the happiest folks on earth" with an oil trust fund. We deserve to reap what we've sowed;  death, destruction, torture, war crimes, and a total disregard for any life anywhere. In a decade the only thing left will be mold & fungi. 2. Its game over for all life when 1,600 nuclear facilities worldwide malfunction and spew radioactive gas. We need to rapidly sequester all radioactive toxin concentrations or earth may superheat, and go "Venus". If so, there may never again be life here. 3. Third, we are a truely insane species, especially American voters, politicians, businessmen and yes…consumers too. We  elected and tolerate Treasonous Trump. We condone blowing the arm off our own cute college kids simply sledding down a hill; i.e. Sophia Wilansky. We condone genocide in Gaza. We condone bombing Syrian civilians and train our own kids to create millions of orphans as we steal Iraqi oil, and now oil in Yemen. We allow a nice Muslim teenage girl in Seattle to be murdered, and condone a police officer shooting a black saint who worked with children in America, and its why we are all going extinct. We need to globally embrace policies of nurturing life, habitats and humans instead of war or we'll never organize the consensus to fix this mess. 4. Fourth, here is Congress ignoring it We need snap elections to remove idiots in 30 days or less and need local Mayors to shoulder the burden of fast track solutions. 5. Fifth, we lack both the morals and IQ, let alone the focus and resolve to fix the immediate crisis humanity and all life on earth faces today. We're distracted, not focused. Why bother with social and geo-polotical issues when there will be no winter? 6. Sixth, dodging extinction is an IQ test you must get right the first time and each time thereafter. Its not a video game where you press reset to wash away losses. sums up our modern day Nero who can't even play fiddle while the world burns. 7. Seventh,  I hope this helps you, your family and community, but now my glass of wine is half empty; fill 'er up, take a rip, and pass that thing kiddies and enjoy these and and  8. Eighth, when you're done, get together and recall any/every politician who refuses to support fast-track snap elections. That step alone will change the rules of the game.

  3. Ooooh, scary !!!! Nothing about the methane turning people into face eating zombies ???     Thank Trump not paying for the BS Paris Accord. It had TPP policies, promoting other countries. You got to recognize the BS Flags when they start waving them around.

  4. Reality was well ahead of model predictions. The basic reason for this was the continued reliance of models on linear change and not exponential change.

  5. Dave, I guess according to your trolls, you are a nutcase denier. Soon the arctic will be ice free and we will boil in a methane laden atmosphere, fueled no doubt by al gore's flatulence. How dare you speak against the globalist agenda.

  6. I think what we really have to worry about are the cows. I went by a cow farm today and they were all farting a lot! That methane is gonna wipe us out if we don't get rid of cow farms…….

  7. This is the second, probably of many, climate cooling channels I've seen lately. Run with it guys while you can, because your theory will be debunked sooner than later. The fossil fuel industry will do anything to keep all you deniers onboard, and their profits rolling in. This is just another corrupt result of neoliberalism (the return to the gilded age.) Capitalism at it's best will destroy our environment before we can yell "I can't breathe!"

  8. We lost the battle . Too late. Nothing we can do. There will be NO 100 years from now.

    The glaciers are receding at unprecedented rates. Picture a ball rolling down a hill. Faster and faster. Picking up speed.
    Earth is running out of water. It was project 2 years ago there was a 50 year supply.
    Today it estimated we have 6-8 years left. Ball rolling really fast now.
    3 weeks ago, Sims river in BC, a raging white water river fed by glaciers has disappeared in 4 days. Google it.
    Climate change is mostly cause by the Geoengineering. It has crippled our natural weather cycles and patterns. And we cannot fix that.
    This I feel is more important then Fukushima, or what the cake eating NWO fister Trump is doing. All distractions from the real problem. Earth is near death, taking all of us with it.

  9. wow you dont believe that the methane problems are real ?? :O move to the north and see it for your self. IT IS REAL.


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