Michio Kaku Explains Why He Is No Longer A Climate Change Denier Global Warming Is Real

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19 thoughts on “Michio Kaku Explains Why He Is No Longer A Climate Change Denier Global Warming Is Real”

  1. Bloody idiot 'theoretical physicist'!!!!! Melting sea ice NEVER raises sea level any more than melting ice in your scotch does!!!! Non-since cretin! ONLY melting LAND ice and glaciers ADD water to the sea to raise levels (and that IS happening). Don't give denier business shills ammo FFS!

  2. This is math. Take out your globe. Look at the amount of the earths surface that is covered by water. Now look at the amount of land covered by ice. The thickness of the ice is a known measurement. Even if ALL the ice melted on the entire planet, the ocean would rise less than an inch.
    This "scientist " said it could rise up to 10'….??? That's not provable mathematically. You are all ignorant to buy this bullshit. Do the math!!!!

  3. Wow, another dishonest 'celebrity scientist'. These guys are frauds and aren't real 'scientists' at all. Guys like this and Bill Nye and that token black physicist the leftist media likes to trot out in the name of 'progressivism' are all paid actors shilling for fake climate change, or global warming as it used to be called before we shot that term down with the truth.

    Turns out this is their pet Asian scientist so they have a collective 'diverse' look. 'He even has funky cool hair like Einstein, yo.' What's a joke, and if you believe climate change is real, kill yourself. You're an idiot.

  4. Human activity is NOT driving this global warming. the facts and data do not support that claim.. watch the easterbrook video i supplied below for the unbiased evidence and data. …….make your own conclusions after that.

  5. Arctic Ocean sea melt DOES NOT add to sea level rise. He was wrong on that. A big however is that Greenland and the Antarctic land ice most certainly does. If we lose all of that ice, we get a sea level rise of 236 feet.

  6. Man made or not we must move forward and act as if it is our problem. Raising taxes or carbon credits is not the way to do it. I am a Republican and believes in global warming. Most people you find against it just hate Al Gore and knows he is trying to capitalize on it and dont want their taxes raised to go along with it. We gotta move people and make this planet better and colonize other planets. If we dont one day everything you have left in this world and the 1000s of people in your family's generations and all their work that brought you to where you are today and all you will leave behind for the next generations will be for nothing.

  7. can we just speed it up already, we don't deserve to be here anyways, burn thus mother fuxker to the ground

  8. Global Warming is the natural fluctuation of the Earths temperature. Unlike the diatribe of this guy, that is not Theoretical

  9. We are on course to only speed up our own species demise now, maybee it needs to happen anyway as we are way unsustainable and out of balance with nature already. Just a shame its going to be a hard crash with not enough time to adapt.

  10. Which human activity specifically is causing climate change? Scientists seem to agree that co2 is a weak greenhouse gas.

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