Mini Ice age 2018 Using Climate Change graphs Episode 3
Mini Ice age 2018 Using Climate Change graphs Episode 3
Selecting the correct graph to learn more from climate change is very imported
Selecting a graph from 1600 to 2000 will give you the misleading conclusion that the earth is continuously warming a trick many climate science hoaxers like to utilize.
Selecting a graph from 8000 years ago till now, you conclude that the world climate is changing between warm periods and mini ice ages. Mini Ice age seems to increase in frequency
If you plot the temperature average you notice that the world has been cooling and then started to warm again. A warm peak normally precedes a full blow ice age. If you look even further back into the climate record, round about 500 000yrs years you can clearly see that ice age conditions is the normal stat of the planets climate in the current tectonic plate configuration.
But what is meant by the current tectonic plate configuration?
We live on a very dynamic planet. Volcanoes, tectonic plate movement water and wind erosion is constantly scalping a new world. A few million years ago the Rockies was the highest mountain range on the planet, and blocked the jet streams moving from west to east. Millions of years before the great Rocky Mountains, a large shallow North American ocean feed tons of moister into the air. Going back even further and there is no Atlantic ocean. Ever changes ocean currents and air circulation patterns, leads to ever changing climate patterns on the planet, thus it is imported to note that climate patterns millions of years ago, happened on a planet which is not our own today.
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