The Changing Climates Of Global Warming Propaganda [Fascinating Study]

“Scientists and science journalists like to say that one of the best ways to tell that climate change is real is to take a look at the changes we can already see: This year is on track to be the hottest ever recorded, and glaciers, corn, and even grizzly bears are responding to the warming. But all those shifts won’t be enough to convince most conservative climate skeptics, a new study in Nature Climate Change finds.

A growing body of recent research suggests a person’s political ideology, economic philosophy, and religious beliefs tend to overwhelm observed facts about global warming. The new study, which was released Monday, put that hypothesis to the test by analyzing Gallup polls taken just after the unusually warm winter of 2012. It found that both Democrats’ and Republicans’ perceptions of the warmer weather in their state tracked fairly well with actual satellite temperature data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. But “for people who said their local winter was warming, the observed temperature anomalies had no effect on the tendency to attribute that to global warming,” explains Aaron McCright, a sociologist at Michigan State University who authored the study.

In other words, the actual temperature had no bearing on whether people believed in climate change. Instead, McCright says, “one of the strongest predictors” is party affiliation: Republicans were far less likely to attribute the warming they felt to man-made climate change than were Democrats. Other variables—gender, age, and level of education—were far less reliable as predictors of a person’s global warming beliefs.”* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here:

Even Global Warming Can’t Convince Republicans That Global Warming Exists


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Global Warming – Is it really happening, is it man made or simply a natural cycle of events?

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40 thoughts on “The Changing Climates Of Global Warming Propaganda [Fascinating Study]”

  1. Climate change is a scam, ipcc has been caught red handed manipulating data. don't buy into this nonsense, do your own research.

  2. WHY may we ask does the solution for this so claimed human caused problem is always punitive taxation? and why do all the cap and trade /carbon trading schemes revolve around government coffers ending up in control of that money with no accountability nor transparency in whether even a penny actually reduces any carbon?
    WHY are virtually ALL the costs aimed at north americans-while the worst polluters like china and russia are getting a free pass?
    Climate change has been going on throughout the 4 billion years of earth's existence and income redistribution scams have been going here on since the 1960's-when our living standards started to mysteriously drop.
    when the leftards stop protesting workable zero carbon alternatives like heavy water reactor plants, THEN we'll stop discounting their climate hysteria as data manipulation serving a marxist agenda.

  3. Hilarious.

    The demolition of man made causation of "??" (insert "global warming". "climate change" or whatever the latest flavour) is complete. Not only squirming as he chokes on irrefutable criticisms of terminology juggling (stating them is no rebuttal) but a complete avoidance of the central issue – co2.

    Warming is not an issue it is expected and completely in line with exiting an ice age, no, the issue is the cult of catastrophe via man made co2 has failed so completely GISS under the auspices of NASA are now fiddling data.

    If it wasn't for the theft of public monies from genuine science like cancer research etc it might be funny – but it's not it's a scandal.

  4. i think most people think climate change is a real thing, the debate is often how much is contributed by humans

  5. All climate change is just proposals of warming. Obama in Alaska went to promote glacial retreat from warming. No other effect on the biosphere has been backed by any observable data. If you download the UAH and RSS data sets of lower tropopause and graph it compared to CO2, there is no good correlation, about 0.34 correlation coefficient. It must be at least 0.7 to be reasonable in statistics. These use one satellite to measure the whole earth is the most consistent data sets, used in UAH and RSS. For UAH lower 48 states, the correlation coefficient drops to 0.03, which is random noise. So, reducing X amount of CO2 will produce an unknown, random response for the United States. The proposition of CO2 related to warming shows by actually graphing the correlation that there is little relationship at concentrations under 360 ppm, and appears to stop above that.

  6. Global Warning (planetary average) causes Climate Change, as seen as in extreme weather. Deniers are just that and they wish to have their notions fulfilled.

  7. When the methane gets released in larger amounts from the eastern Siberian shelf, then we will all be toast.

  8. if extreme man-made global warming and climate change were real (even at the impossibly rapid rate) like liberals claim, it still would not be noticeable to mans naked eye in one year. so if "the best way to tell if climate change is real is to take a look at changes we can already see"…it's not climate change. if it was we would not be able to see a change so soon.

  9. They changed it to Climate Change because you can't argue that it doesn't happen.  Any idiot can go outside and say its either warmer or colder than the day before.  Global Warming and the theory thereof became a big money generator through propaganda and I'm sure scientists wanted to take back control of the discussion from political agendas.

  10. "Utah parents who killed selves, children feared apocalypse
    SPRINGVILLE, Utah (AP) — A Utah couple and their three children who were found dead in their home last fall overdosed on drugs after the parents told friends and family they were worried about the apocalypse, authorities said Tuesday."

    This is what happens when we get a generation of losers promoting apocalypse with no basis.  Mentally challenged and immature people and those with no life experience able to question that authority feel doomed.  Of course there will be no apocalypse, certainly nothing from what these jackasses are predicting.  They don't talk to God.  They don't possess all knowledge.  They don't know what all the thousands of Earth ecosystems are doing, and how they interact.  Yet, the less they know to the point of abyssal duncery, the more they claim to know.

  11. Real-time estimation of pH and aragonite saturation state from Argo profiling floats: Prospects for an autonomous carbon observing strategy
    L. W. Juranek1,2,
    R. A. Feely2,
    D. Gilbert3,
    H. Freeland4 and
    L. A. Miller4
    Geophysical Research Letters
    Volume 38, Issue 17, September 2011
     "[1] We demonstrate the ability to obtain accurate estimates of pH and carbonate mineral saturation state (Ω) from an Argo profiling float in the NE subarctic Pacific. Using hydrographic surveys of the NE Pacific region, we develop empirical algorithms to predict pH and Ω using observations of temperature (T) and dissolved O2. We attain R2 values greater than 0.98 and RMS errors of 0.018 (pH), 0.052 (Ωarag), and 0.087 (Ωcalc) for data between 30–500 m, σθ < 27.1. After calibrating optode-based O2 data, we apply the algorithms to T and O2 data from an Argo profiling float to produce a 14 month time-series of estimated pH and Ωarag in the upper water column of the NE subarctic Pacific. Comparison to independent data collected nearby in 2010 indicates pH and Ωarag estimates are robust. Although the method will not allow detection of anthropogenic trends in pH or Ωarag, this approach will provide insight into natural variability and the key biogeochemical controls on these parameters. Most importantly, this work demonstrates that an assemblage of well-calibrated regional algorithms and Argo float data can be used as a low-cost, readily-deployable component of a global ocean carbon observing strategy."

    Okay, we have a US NOAA climate assessment report that states the ocean is critically acidifying as reported by a single station at Aloha, Hawaii.  pH has dropped from 8.11 to 8.07 estimating from their trend graph, of which there is only one in that report.  The is a drop of pH 0.04. 

    Now, let us look at the ARGO buoy system.  Oh, I see, they do not directly measure pH, but this will be ignored in all the science and news reporting of our world.  They estimated it from dissolved oxygen, of which 10% of these buoys have that sensor.  Then, they claim an accuracy of 0.018 say 0.02.  Now we are getting somewhere.  Half of reported pH decline is within the level of noise.

    We have no worldwide direct measurement of ocean pH.  From this we get global graphs of ocean acidification.  The US government refers to just one station on the globe.  Now, let us all rant, "the ocean is acidifying, we are all going to die, all ocean life is going to die, rah, rah."

  12. Who was the person who identified all ecosystems of the Earth, all plants and animals within each, and determined what each ecosystem tipping point may be?  There is no such report or accumulation of reports.  So why do we accept this mass stupidity and flatulent ego display to be called science by these clowns?  Who discovered that each impact was irreversible?  No one ever made that determination.  These are all just propaganda buzzwords and catch phrases of extreme oversimplification to the point of delusion to say that they have enough meaning for us to bother to listen to.  Yet, the more profoundly baseless these comments are, the more appeal they have.  Sort of like a substitution for God and everlasting life.  The fumiest part is that when someone points out the whole empire of stupidity has no clothes at all, what do the true believers say, you are a denier.  A denier of what, exactly?  Nothing coherent was even said to respond to.  What babbling, shiftfaced, moronic, dope headed crap was I supposed to be denying?  I am overwhelmed by narcissistic egos beyond the pale.  I am flabbergasted.  Overwhelmed.  Left speechless is a sea of stupidity.  Show me some actual data.  Start with something in the New York Times, I mean, I wouldn't want to overstress anyone's brain.

    There are ecosystems with no definition, tipping points that have never been observed and documented, and the conclusion from this morass of anti-science gibberish is that it is irreversible.  Not one square peg fits in one round hole of this stream of incoherent babble.  Not one piece of this puzzle has been defined, documented, and studied.  There is no debate because there was no research to debate.

  13. Weather probability is a bell curve.  The bulk of weather occurs all the time.  Extreme events happen rarely.  Apparently, the inability to comprehend simple statistics is part of the basis to take extreme events and to give them meaning and purpose and cause and agents of causation, because the reality is that more than likely nothing at all is going on, it is just chance.  In any weather system, since they are chaotic, rare events must occur.  Deep meaning and purpose and government funds to stop it, and ranting on and on give the lives of some people meaning, although nothing is going on, it has no meaning, and nothing is driving any sort of trend.  Superstition and spooky gods or evil people or companies or countries we don't like must be doing this or that, but in reality, there are no actors able to do anything.  The atmosphere is just too big and unresponsive to our actions.  Doomsday scenarios get repeatedly recycled.  One decade it is river and lake acidification, and when that is disproven, it is now ocean acidification.  When the ocean has no warming, the atmosphere cannot, so now the ocean is warming below ARGO buoy sampling depth.  The spooks are just out of reach and out of view beyond our instrumentation, we must expand.  Go deeper.  Deeper.  The warming is somewhere.  So ask yourself this, how often is the weather extreme?  Every day?  No, rarely.  You see, you have answered the question, the probability is low because man is not causing it.


  15. The emphasis has changed in a futile effort to help stupid people understand a complex issue.

  16. The only problem I had was the continued use of the term "climate change denier". As for as I can tell no one is "denying" the climate doesn't change, or "denying" the earth is warmer than it used to be. Labeling someone a "denier" also implies a degree of scientific certainty. There can't be certainty because we don't have a second earth to use as a control.

    'Climate theory skeptics' would be a more honest term.

  17. One of the things that is rarely mentioned is the release of Methane (one of the strongest green house gasses at about 25X that of carbon dioxide, along with water vapour) into the atmosphere & the time frame of atmospheric adjustment if the carbon is taken out compared to methane.
    With carbon the change will be seen within 50-100 years, but with methane taken out (with methane being so powerful) the temperature change or drop would be seen nearly immediately approx. 2-4 years. Water vapour also plays a very important role but it's impossible to control the evaporation rate of all the water surfaces around the globe due to the sear size. However Methane & Carbon Dioxide can be controlled.

  18. Climate change is coming but has zero to do with CO2, but everything to do with what man is doing. In order to understand it you will need to study the following: Jesuits – they mentor and train most of the worlds leaders,, they bank rolled most climate change alarmists. Barack Obama first paycheck was from the Jesuits, Trump Jesuit trained, Clinton Jesuit trained.
    Majority of your media are Jesuit trained. Black Pope / White Pope all the worlds leaders religious and wealthy go before them. All you worlds leaders go to Georgetown, both Political parties go before the Jesuits at Al Smith. Jesuits have the best schools in the world and are much smarter than the common people. They have sold climate change to the people to steer the whole world away from the real truth to why climate change is occurring. They own all your leaders even to the smallest towns via, RedMass, BlueMass, Whitemass. The mason's, shriners are their foot soldiers and work to bring back Rome to full worldwide control.

  19. Global warming is real, but is tiny. Most of the stuff in the media is a load of click bait BS, that is largely scaremongering. Global Warming is about making money and getting research funding. Follow the $$.

  20. A big thing you missed, and most people missed, is nitrogen. Nitrogen used in farming, decaying old growth forests etc actually can pull apart Ozone molecules when the Nitrogen bonds into NO2 which leads to a depletion of the ozone layer. And as you know, this leads to even more heat getting through.

  21. Blame China! China makes almost every technology we use, and China are almost out of drinking water due to contamination.

  22. Great video man. Subbed you earlier because of the tech focus, but stumbled upon this and found it super interesting.
    I like the no nonsense, no frills treatment you give it in yer grounded scottish accent, ayyyyyyy 😀
    I'm not as optimistic about our ability to get the CO2 back, that would require energy on an industrial scale, which would probably require making more CO2. Bit of a tricky one that.

  23. so if the sun is getting hotter and hotter, what is the point right, won't matter cause the temps will keep going up. Correlation does not equal causation. Right. Also the temperature looks to be slowing/coming to a crest. There is so much we don't know, and a lot of ignorant people out there who will do what ever they are told, including throwing people in to ovens. They are much more scarier than CO2. Some times resisting people who don't know what they are talking about because they are so eager to serve their masters is better then jumping on a bandwagon made by people who have been interested in population control for well over a century.

  24. Global warming is caused by all the hot air the liberal (Fake News) media are spewing. But that aside, the cutting down of trees in the South American jungles and denaturing of the planet reduces the amount of photosynthesis on the earth which adds to the CO2 buildup. With the melting of the ice on the poles there should be more vegetation growing closer to the north pole which help keep this in check somewhat. Give it another 30 years for the trees to produce more leaves plus the use of electric vehicles and the temps should start dropping again. More nuclear energy is called for.

  25. Man made global warming is not real. The earth has gone through many many warming and cooling cycles before we humans ever roamed the earth. It is a natural process.

  26. This and the aliens video are my 2 favourites of yours. Going to be linking this with glee whenever I come across the inevitable climate change denier idiots on the net. 😀

  27. Judging from the comments, your viewers certainly are politically diverse. Good video, I learned more than I thought I would; especially the Robert Louis Stevenson bit, neato. I'd enjoy more forays outside of just tech stuff.

  28. Sydney, Australia, in the middle of January, a month characterised by heat and humidity, and I have to wear a jacket to go outside simply because it's too cold. Where's your global warming? By the way, CO2 is absorbed by the oceans, and the rise in CO2 associated with previous increases in global temperature actually lags rather than leads temperature change by about 800 years, due to the scientific fact that as ocean temperatures increase the oceans absorb less CO2. This should make you think twice about your rediculous claim that an increase of only 100 particles of CO2 per million causes climate change. Do yourself a favour and watch the documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle.

  29. I blame global warming on overclockers and people who use Hawaii GPU's. Please stop! There isn't enough cooling on Earth to support this.

  30. 3 things, 1 stop chopping down so much trees and start planting them back more then they chop down, 2 stop the real pollution causers ( big industries ) and go to more agricultural lifestyles, 3 ( most denied and most important ) stop does damn planes from sprayin all over the world!!!

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