PawPaw Reviews Solar Lights from Dollar Tree

I saw the spotlight style and had to try one !

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20 thoughts on “PawPaw Reviews Solar Lights from Dollar Tree”

  1. Thanks for the video. Now get back to work. You are an experienced lawn guy, come on down and visit and show me how to use my lawn tractor.

  2. go to harbor freight and get their nickle metalhidride batts and they last twice as long per charge pardon my spelling lol

  3. Thanks for sharing 😊 paw paw i've been wondering about the dollar store lights do you how many hours they last

  4. Paw paw been using the spotlight kind for a long time. If it has more lumen power it gives far more light. That is the key. Walmart carries them too. The ones I'm using now have lasted over 3 years and still going strong! Not bad for cheap. So LUMEN POWER is the key for more light.

  5. Had to chuckle when ya were tryin to think of the name of the light. Paw Paw had a brain fart! I get em too & don't it kind off piss ya off? 😨😨

  6. Let me know how long they last. Like will it last all night long. I was thinking putting it on a rock pile on a lake for boating.

  7. Those solar lights are a lot of fun. I started with those and decided to use solar to light my backyard. I used a 80 watt solar panel, a marine battery, and a solar regulator to generate enough power to power a small Japanese bamboo fountain and LED Malibu lights for more than 12 hours a day. My homeowners association finally told me I could not have a 2 X 4 foot solar panel on my garage roof. No one could see it but me.

  8. Gonna have to check out our Dollar Tree to see if they have them. Thanks for sharing … those are some good looking little solar light.

  9. I bought some of those and with mine they were hit and miss…….lol……3 out of 4 work, now my store has some 60 watt l.e.d. bulbs that i think I bought 16 so far……lol…….for a buck a piece i couldn't pass them up……….Thanks for sharing

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