Polar Bears / Documentary (English/HD)

Ice Bears Expedition

The Nature of Things presents the world premiere of Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey starring an adorable & curious ‘teenage’ polar bear from Western Hudson Bay. It is polar bears as you have never seen them before.Shot over twelve months, this blue chip wildlife documentary tells the story a young polar bear’s epic migration through the icy waters of Hudson Bay and his subsequent adventures on land, where he must spend the ice-free season. It is his first summer alone without his mother to guide and feed him. His struggle to survive is set against the biggest environmental story of our time: climate change. When we think of polar bears we think of snow and ice, but for thousands of years, the polar bears of Western Hudson Bay have spent their summers on land. As the ice melt they are forced to migrate over hundreds of kilometers using the stars. Their mothers teach them. It is a route that they will follow for the rest of their lives. As the ice-free season grows longer, so does the amount of time they must spend on land. With little or no food, hordes of biting insects, and intense pressure from other bears – it is unbearable!

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A strange relationship between dogs and bears.
Taken from the show “Jailed Polar Bear” on FirstScience.tv

Download in full from: http://firstscience.tv/polarbear.htm
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40 thoughts on “Polar Bears / Documentary (English/HD)”

  1. Oh noes! No predator ever shifts hunting grounds, no butterflies ever go to other regions, no birds ever migrate! Darwin was wrong! It'll be nice when libtards go extinct, lets put PP in white neighborhoods too!

  2. End of video says to download full-length documentary. What? I've already seen the part I like. If I watch the whole full-length video, I might get to the part where someone gets hungry 😬. Nope 😳.

  3. Ils veulent nous faire gober que les ours blancs sont de bons samaritains. Combien de chiens croqués avant de réaliser cette vidéo?
    l'ours blanc par instinct est sans aucun doute le plus grand et le plus féroce des prédateurs.
    They want us believe that polar bears are good Samaritans . How many dogs chewed before making this video ?
    Polar Bear instinct is undoubtedly the largest and most ferocious predators.

  4. yes, it's very beautiful but, why the dogs are chained? then, more than cuddle , at times it seems to me that the bear wants to have a sex with the dog !


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