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26-year-old Hashem Al-Ghaili, a Yemeni biologist living in Germany, makes the case for science with his infotainment videos. He’s already collected a good six million fans on Facebook.

Presented at Balticon 2015 by Thomas R. Holtz Jr. PhD.

People don’t always appreciate the impact that popular science fiction (particular TV shows and movies) has on public consciousness. A great example of this is the folklore of claims of the paranormal. Investigation of classic stories of paranormal encounters reveal how the early versions of these stories begin as recitations of then-recent mass media SF productions, unlike the later refined and retold versions.

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  1. I love this guy, he is so cool. I have learned a lot of things I didn’t know. It’s great to see something interesting between all the crap on YouTube

  2. As expected, the UFO hypothesis became less bullshit and more science in 2017. Skeptics, including myself, need to reevaluate their dismissal of the UFO phenomenon after the now verified Pentagon UFO F-18 FLEER data. No prominent skeptics has said SHIT concearning UFO'S since this became news.

  3. popular or not so popular science fiction especially dystopia has provided many accurate predictions as well as good ideas to the world .. way before science to could achieve them .. example the internet. it was created in imagination first …

  4. 5:42 Note how the newspaper article makes explicit that the woman is _a University graduate_. Does that giver her claim more credence, in contrast with normal, excitable women?

  5. Does anybody know that the foo fighters band name was taken from an alleged fighter pilot term during WWII for alien spacecraft that pilots reported spotting from time to time.


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