Stupid-Easy Solar for Going Off Grid, RVs and Boondocking

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It finally happened! We started out solar journey. This isn’t how we saw it happening, but we’re very glad it did. Already we’re feeling the benefits of offsetting out generator use. Not just the fuel and cost savings, but the convenience too.

Solar has been on our radar for some time and we recently ran into Go Power at an RV convention. We discussed with them our situation, concerns and frustrations with solar. During the conversation portable solar came up as an option for getting started today on a budget and with the intent to only offset our generator use. This approach had escaped us because we were looking so far forward. We were trying to size the “now-and-later” solar setup, but it’s just hard to do, especially on a budget.

In the end we made the leap, picked up a portable array and are very happy that our generator use had declined to nill. Sure it’s summer so there’s lots of sun available. Perhaps by winter we’ll have a better feel for solar, our power needs and be more capable of sizing a system to fit our future needs.

We wanted to share this story with you because we were overcomplicating solar and it was a huge relief to discover that it doesn’t have to be. Starting small can make sense especially if you’re boondocking, looking for an array to power your campsite or are heading off grid. Had we known this was an option, or at least not overlooked it, when we arrived it would have been in our toolbox for certain.

If you need portable solar or just plain simple solar, give these portable arrays a look or even a try and see if they’ll meet your power needs for today. It’s a great way to get started!

For a full overview of what we’ve been up to, please visit our blog post above. Lots of great stuff and background that we couldn’t possibly share in a roundup YouTube video!

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20 thoughts on “Stupid-Easy Solar for Going Off Grid, RVs and Boondocking”

  1. I'm buying a pre built container home in 2019 built in 1 – 40 foot container. If anyone could tell me the cheapest way to provide power I would appreciate it. Container has built in kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom for $3k before shipping from China.

  2. so much for Off the Grid, when you have cell phones and apps to control your solar panel. going off the grid means going off the grid a hundred percent that means no phones bro

  3. I see you have a shelterlogic portable garage. I suggest adding a white heavy duty tarp over the top of that. We put a 24×24 tarp from home depot ($99) that is white for its reflective nature and uv resistant. we pulled the ends inside around the original cover and secured it inside with ratchet straps to the frame. Along the bottom we stretched a rope and then wove shock cord from the rope to the tarp. The stock cover will last only about 2 years before it succumbs to uv damage and rips along the frame ribs. This mod will make it last indefinitely. At least 5 years then change the white tarp for another 5. Let me know how and I could send you some pictures.

  4. a stupid question, why does solar panel need to be hooked up to a battery. isn't it supposed to replace a battery?

  5. Thank you for sharing this video, I am planning on going off the grid and I'm glad I watch your video before doing anything.

  6. Good for you. My wife and I lived for 20 yrs off grid on our 44 foot sailboat. With Solar , wind and occasional engine driven alternator. ( like a car would charge a battery). The other side of the equation is of course very hi- efficiency ( low) loads. Check out marine refrigeration. Some are super efficient. Especially when you make your own extra well insulated box. Of course another way to go with refrigeration is propane. And the new LED lights are amazing. If you get any decent wind anywhere on your grounds, there are some great wind generators out there too. Good luck.

  7. if you put a fernel lens on you solar panels you will increase your out put.

    A fernel lens is $50 bucks or so. it is flat and you put it over the panel.

    NASA did this it worked.

  8. Do you think that same unit would work well on the roof of a land rove?, and, do you think the components on the back are pretty hardy.

  9. For what you spent on that little folding system you could have gone to Harbor Freight and bought a few $139.00 kits instead. They are great and come with everything, even two bright LED light, plus HF even sells sealed jell cell 12V batteries that don't need any maintenance and you can even store them inside without any ventilation since they don't release any dangerous gases.


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