A new system for the concentration photovoltaic solar energy

CPVRS is a revolutionary CPV system created by Valldoreix Greenpower (VGP), a company dedicated to renewable energies and specialized in solar energy. A key feature of the CPVRS technology is its ability to optimize logistics and simplify assembly tasks, enabling an innovative decentralized production process and a new business model. www.cpvrs.com Video Rating: / 5

Paket PLTS Murah Untuk Rumah 1000 watt – Panel Surya, My Solar Home System

PLTS Solar Home System (SHS), 0822 4558 2777 (Telkomsel) Perangkat Solar Home System | Solar Cell Surya Energi (SHS) SOLAR CELL HOME SYSTEM (SHS) Max untuk 3000 watt 1 unit peraltan tersebut dipakai untuk backup sistem listrik berbasis SOLAR Cell sistem, Unit akan bekerja otomatis saat malam nhari atau saat matahari terbenam, meskipun mendung, unit … Read more

Watch This Guy Build a Massive Solar System in the Desert | Short Film Showcase

The vastness of space is almost too mind-boggling for the human brain to comprehend. In order to accurately illustrate our place in the universe, one group of friends decided to build the first scale model of the solar system in seven miles of empty desert. Watch a beautiful representation of our universe come together in … Read more

Wind Power price drops open possibility of ‘entirely green energy system’

Environmentalists are hailing a ‘breakthrough moment’ for offshore wind in the UK with new figures showing it now requires lower subsidies than new nuclear. Matthew Wright is Managing Director for DONG Energy UK — which is building the world’s biggest offshore wind project off the Norfolk coast. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: … Read more