The Future of Alternative Energy

We know our fossil fuels will dry up someday, so what alternatives energy sources are there? From Piezoelectricity to Biofuel Algae, Jonathan Stirckland explores the future of renewable energy in this episode of Fw:Thinking.

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20 thoughts on “The Future of Alternative Energy”

  1. Nikola Tesla wanted us to use completely wireless energy. He even questioned the use of wires. It is reported that "he made a vacuum tube illuminate in his hands without even trying".

  2. Here in Glasgow we have a dump that with all the waste we can farm the methane coming from it

  3. It is comforting to know that people with high-capacity brains are experimenting with new, different ways to do stuff. They have taken up an almighty challenge, and should be saluted and encouraged to the best of our ability. Who knows?They could even come up with a proper, full scale substitute for oil. Now wouldn't that be something?

  4. Nuclear fusion in already here, check out The National Ignition Facility Laboratories in California.

  5. Dark Energy and Dark Matter give it another 100 more years if you still alive by then or reading this comment in the future 🙂


    PLEASE, google it, and watch videos about it, support it, and then make sure to spread the word!

    It's YOUR word against that of those greedy rich and vile capitalists who just want to make sure their billions of investments in DIRTY POLLUTING petrol is safe!

  7. You should do an episode on the National Ignition Facility Laboratory in California, they claim to be able to produce more energy then the worlds population needs for the next 1,000,000 years. Think about it !!!.

  8. I used to believe this guy was intelligent until i saw this video promoted by Toyota or should i say OILota. Everything in the future will be powered by superefficient batteries. Period.

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