The World’s First Solar-Powered Sports Car Could Drive Forever

The World's First Solar-Powered Sports Car Could Drive Forever

The World’s First Solar-Powered Sports Car Could Drive Forever

Mistake Correction:
At 2:03 the subtitle says 5gr Salt, 25gr sugar.
the Sugar is a mistake, it is water actually.

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Narration of the video as text here:

blank sound of the mic for 5 sec.


this is my new Japanese car, i found it last week in a DIY store.


this little car has got several mechanical parts, but most interesting one is the power system.


it comes with a little 1.5V battery that gets charged only by adding a little salt with water.


the gearbox is designed to convert speed to high rotational power.

same as an electric screw driver.

as the engine is strong, the car drives by 4 Wheels on rough surfaces like mountain or
little rocks.


the motor works on 1.5V dc with an amount of small current varies from 250mAmperes to 350mAmperes.


i had some 1.5V Solar boards at home and installed one on this car too.


removing the salt water battery and using a solar board just works fine.


the gear combination of the engine is designed to 4 wheels drive system and speed to force transmissions.


now the car is powered by the salt water battery, which is a chemical reaction between
Hydrogen, oxygen and the Magnesium inside the battery.

there is a little extra effect too.

this little diesel engine receives some torque from the main Engine and generates
a cool effect.

this could be educational for kids to know how a diesel engine converts the
heat and pressure to rotational kinetic energy.


so later i just wanted to know how strong the little car could be.


so i just built this little uphill surface using some wooden boards and found out the max angle it can drive on
is around 25 Degrees.


which means the engine is actually very powerful regarding to that little solar board at

but it is only possible under a very strong sunshine only.


there is another extra transmission gear between the engine and the tire.
but i am not quite sure yet is it for making it stronger or just for better and smooth driving.


now i am going to charge the battery once again by adding salt and water.

so at this size, based on the manual, we have to use salt and water on a scale of

1: 5.

means we need to add 5grams of water for each gram of salt.
so here i add 25grams of water and mix it with 5grams of salt, it is the same amount.


after mixing it well, just carefully adding some drops on the little fiber, it absorbs
the salt, then after covering it with the magnesium plate , the chemical reactions begin.
the final result is releasing some electrons to the circuit to drive the little motor.


while working on this little car i found out the salt battery lasts until it gets dry.
but i am not sure how long the salt would work, i should find out later.


so it is actually water based battery,

as soon as water evaporates slowly, the battery also loses its charge gradually.


as you see while it is loaded with fresh water and salt, the voltage goes up to 1.6 volts, that means we have a full powered engine.


now i take the salt water battery out and add a 1.5V solar board on it.

now it is very strong, it is interesting cause if we directly attach the wheels to the
motor and battery without the gearbox, it won’t be strong enough to go uphill or
even cannot move on flat surfaces.

but using a gearbox and converting speed to mechanical force, it is able to move
uphill or even on rough surfaces.


if you need more info about this project, there are some details on the detail box of the video. i am working on next DIY hack and how to project, subscribe to my channel
if you like to watch next projects from samimy productions.

have a nice day.


to find the maker, search Elekit Japan, on Google.

my other projects are here:
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22 thoughts on “The World’s First Solar-Powered Sports Car Could Drive Forever”

  1. interesting.. that would be awesome.. one day.. a car with combination those technology.. like a car with salt, solar, and ordinary fuel.. it means we got a car with only 1/3 portion of fuel.. that might reduce polution so much..

  2. a primitive battery..its the salt water working as a mediate bethween the sheets off magnesium,,the magnesium sheet will corrode and loose its power…you need to make a cost calculation vs output


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