7 Things About EARTH Science CAN’T Figure Out

7 Things About EARTH Science CAN'T Figure Out

7 Things We Don’t Know About Earth…

From how it even works to where and how life began, to who picked the name “Earth”….these are 7 Things About Earth Science Just Can’t Figure Out.

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Plate tectonics is the accepted theory that Earth’s crust and upper mantle is made of large fragments which glide over the rest of the mantle, collectively forming a shell to protect us from the firey-death 60 kilometres beneath our feet – but as for what’s below that, we’re still working that out.

By analysing sedimentary and volcanic rocks we can track changes in the Earth’s magnetic field throughout our planet’s history, and in doing so we’ve noticed some rather strange anomalies, one of which is occurring right now.
The prediction of earthquake activity and volcanic eruption has improved significantly over the past century, but there are still many things we don’t know about these devastating natural disasters which would really help us prepare for them in future, and that would mean we can quit making cheap-ass disaster movies where Morgan Freeman always seems to be President.

It’s a good job classy civilizations from antiquity were the ones who named our Solar System’s planets. Mars was the Roman God of War, Jupiter the Roman God of Sky, and Uranus the Greek God of Heavens – but if they were all named today we’d call them Planet McPlanetyface, Ringy Ringerson and…and we’d probably keep Uranus because it’s funny.

If any 20th Century Fox producers are watching this we are not referring to those Ray Romano movies you keep making. You’ve done five already guys, that’s enough, it’s time for the Ice Age to end, Sid and Manny to go extinct and their corpses to start rotting into mush.

Far likelier than a sudden ice age is an extreme global heat crisis, because today around 97% of climate scientists agree climate change is occurring; and 82% believe it is likely caused by the activities of man. But if you disagree with them that’s fine, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, however you will be forced to go sit in the special corner with Bobby Ray Simmons to discuss flat earth theories and how the moon is made of cheese.
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  1. How about….i dunno the climate? And climate is another word for change, so when you fucks say climate change, you sound like idiots.

  2. You had me until you came out with "climate change" Not everyone is a fool and 97% of scientist is a wrong number. Show us facts.

  3. In the SAME sentence he says we are gaining more Ice in the poles and then preaches the Climate Change myth…

  4. ans of number 5 is Allah my god I m a Muslim and in Qur'an it says Hazrat Adam Alaihis Salam was sent first with bibi hawa and they were sent by Allah Subhanahutaala

  5. Climate change denial occurs because the left is so deceitful and agenda driven that nothing they say is taken at face value by Earthlings. I think most people believe climate change is man made and we need to correct it. But people also believe that the left is pushing an agenda and using climate change as a vehicle to get control over whatever the hell it is they want. Ten years ago if you talked about global new world orders and leftist conspiracies, people deemed you a nutter. I don't think conspiracy nuts are that nutty anymore.

  6. The planet is not called Earth, it's called Terra, which means earth (as in the stuff we plant stuff in). Earth is simply a translation of the latin word.

  7. How nice the video turns into a political
    "Global warming climate change agenda"
    They say crap like "The last ice age was blahblahblah million years ago and the next one is over due" then they say man is causing global warming but then where was man when the last climate change event happened??? Fricken idiots!
    Yes man is polluting the environment and needs to clean things, but that doesn't explain why All the planets in our solar system are hearing up along with ours. Could it possibly be tue big hot ball of fire we call the sun. The Global warming agenda is just like Hillary Clinton, one big screwed up hypocritical mess that changes with the wind.

  8. Nasa said that Jupiter could reveal how we started, cause of Juno, I thought it was silly. at first. I'm now starting to believe it.

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