Top 10 Bloodiest Moments From Planet Earth

Top 10 Bloodiest Moments From Planet Earth
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Nature is terrifying, and BBC’s Planet Earth shows animals at their most frightening and bloody. Lions, tigers and bears are all on full display in this series, but which animal is the most deadly? Prianhas are notoriously vicious, what does a deadly prihana attack look like? Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 most gruesome and bloodiest moments from Planet Earth.

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00:57 #10. African Hunting Dogs Catch An Impala
02:11 #9. Piranha Feeding Frenzy
03:25 #8. Grizzly Bears Catching Salmon
04:27 #7. A Lion Pride Attacks An Elephant At Night
05:40 #6. Wolves Hunt Caribou
06:45 #5. Fur Seals Go After King Penguins
07:54 #4. Nile Crocodiles Ambushing Wildebeest
09:05 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Australia is the World’s most arid continent, and its blistering daytime heat can be a potential killer. Using thermal imaging, we are given a fascinating glimpse into how the Red Kangaroo cool their body temperatures and avoid the deadly effects of the mid day Sun.

Taken From Planet Earth

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  1. This isn't the first time I heard a report of seals eating penguins instead of fish. I wonder if competition from human fishing is forcing seals to change their diet.

  2. Vegan Lion be like:"i'm not eating zebra no more, my diet always been spinach just like popeye the sailor"

  3. If just licking their arms can cool Kangaroos enough to survive this, then it just goes to show how well we humans handle regions like this; We can sweat from our entire bodies.

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