[ Art Berman ] — 2017 Outlook for Oil price

Erik Townsend welcomes Art Berman to MacroVoices. Erik and Art discuss:

— Catalyst for the current decline in oil
— Lack of confidence in OPEC
— Record levels of oil inventories
— Comparative inventories to past years
— World production surplus
— Global liquids consumption growth
— OECD incremental liquids Inventory
— EIA U.S. crude oil forecast

Art Berman Chartbook : https://www.macrovoices.com/macro-voices-research/guest-publications/710-art-berman-chart-book-oil-prices-plunge-over-reaction-or-turning-point/file

podcast transcript: https://www.macrovoices.com/macro-voices-research/podcast-transcripts/722-2017-03-09-transcript-of-the-podcast-interview-between-erik-townsend-and-art-berman

Arthur E. Berman is a geological consultant with thirty-seven years of experience in petroleum exploration and production. He currently is consulting for several E&P companies and capital groups in the energy sector. He frequently gives keynote addresses for investment conferences, boards of directors and professional societies. He is often interviewed about energy topics on television, radio, and national print and web publications including CNBC, CNN, CBC, BNN, OilPrice.com, Bloomberg, Platt’s, Financial Times, and New York Times. He is a Director of ASPO-USA (Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas USA). He was a Managing Director and frequent contributor at The Oil Drum, and is an associate editor of the AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) Bulletin. He was past Editor of the Houston Geological Society Bulletin (2004-2005) and past Vice-President of the Society (2008-2009). He has published more than 100 articles on geology, technology, and the petroleum industry during the past 5 years.


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