Top 5 Electric/Hybrid Cars in India!

Here is a list of the top 5 electric/hybrid cars available in India:

1. Mahindra e2o
• Manufactured at its facility in Bengaluru, Mahindra launched the Mahindra e2o – the first all-electric in India – in 2013.
• Though a full charge takes 5 hours, Mahindra also has QuickCharge that helps charge the car in just about an hour. Once fully charged, it can cover a distance of 120Km, which is sufficient for city travel.
• Inside, the e2o gets a large touch-screen interface, and a monochrome digital speed information pod.

2. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz- Hybrid
• The SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) hybrid
• The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz SHVS gets an integrated starter generator, a larger capacity battery, and start-stop technology that help the vehicle return better mileage. This effectively makes the Ciaz SHVS hybrid India’s most fuel-efficient car.

3. Toyota Prius
• Toyota launched the Prius in 2012 introducing EVs in India, which can run on both, petrol and electricity, so the customers get the best of both worlds.
• The Prius gets 3 modes, namely, EV (Electric Vehicle), Eco, and Power.
• There are 2 variants on offer in India – the Z5 and Z6.

4. Toyota Camry Hybrid
• Another green car by toyota – the Camry hybrid..
• The power split device helps deliver seamless power to the wheels, and also to the generator that keeps on charging the battery.
• There are three driving modes to choose from – EV, Eco and Normal.

5. BMW i8
• When BMW first brought the i8 to India at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo
• In all-electric mode, the BMW i8 boasts of a top-speed of 120Km/h. In Sport mode, the i8 delivers a mid-range acceleration from 80 – 120Km/h in 2.6 seconds. The electronically controlled top-speed stands at 250Km/h.
• BMW started the car’s deliveries in August, 2014, and had already managed to sell 1,741 units by December, 2014. Furthermore, the first batch of BMW i8 to arrive in India has already been sold.

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In this special episode of DNews that was made possible by Toyota, Trace explores the history of the hybrid cars, and explains what makes them so special.

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The First Gas/Electric Hybrid Vehicle was Invented in 1900

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Timeline: History of the Electric Car

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“WHILE combining gasoline and electric motors in a car seems like a miracle of automotive wizardry of the 21st century, the origins of hybrid technology actually date to the end of the 19th.”

What is the history of hybrid cars?
“Generally speaking, a hybrid car is any car that uses more than one fuel source.”

Electric Cars and History
“Since the invention of the first electric motor strong enough to do work in 1834 people have been dreaming of electric powered transportation.”

The Science Behind Hybrid Vehicles
“With the creation of the automobile, we have been able to go from vehicles that rely on steam power (Cugnot Steam Trolley, 1769), to ones that run on gasoline (like the ones commonly used today), and are now moving towards hybrid vehicles.”

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23 thoughts on “Top 5 Electric/Hybrid Cars in India!”

  1. Climate Change is real. It will be the defining issue of our lives.
    Go electric. No emissions.

  2. Batteries, range and charging points get better every year. 90% or more charging is done at home…
    TESLA has offered to let other manufacturers use its Super Charger network if they pay their fair share. So far no one has taken them up on their offer. That is a missed opportunity for Nissan. The more available charge points the better. Soon all new vehicles will come with bigger batteries and a minimum 200 mile range.

  3. If you ask me if i would drive and own a hybrid car, i would answer that depends of what car we talking about. Prius = hell no Golf GTE = Yes BMW I8 = yes please.

  4. EVs, PHEVs, and Hybrids are great for heavy stop and go driving, where a regular gasoline engine would waste fuel, while stopping at a red light. Nowadays some newer cars come with auto start/stop system with a switch to activate or deactivate the system to shut the engine off at red lights and restart after releasing the brake pedal. These systems are great for areas with higher gas prices, such as California and New York.

  5. as long as america lives there will be no hybrid shit or anything else but fuel….its gonna take ww3 or another 100 years to move away from stupid stinky gas….

  6. Meh.

    Not a big fan of hybrids mainly because of the battery.

    If I have to decide what hybrid I love, it would be the McLaren P1. Though to be more realistic,I liked the Infiniti Q50S Hybrid.

  7. Why am I watching infomercials, what's next "What is Fracking,brought to you by BP oil" 

  8. Electric motors are better than internal combustions engines in every single measurable way. We just have shitty batteries but ones they figure out how to store hidrogen safely we can ditch internal combustion engine for good.

  9. Brought to you by Toyota? Come on guys. Was this a 5 min advertisement for the Prius? I'm finding the quality of your productions suffering as of late. You need to work harder at avoiding any appearance of biasness in your reports.

  10. Until electric cars become lighter, store longer charges and charge fast. Not to mention cost less, they still won't make over the market.

  11. I clicked on this video thinking

    "Gee I wonder who's sponsoring this episode, most likely a car company."


  12. i know this is sponcered by a gas car, but i want a hidrogen fuel call – electric hybrid….. plug-in + homemade H2 from solar panels… please….. pretty please

  13. Electric car almost arrived… and then war happened. Hmm… Electric cars are near again… and so is the war. Meh… coincidence.

  14. No mention of the diesel/electric hybrid powered German tanks in WWI???  A full 100 years before a commercially available diesel-electric drivetrain passenger car was sold????  A nitpick, I know, but worth mentioning.

  15. In manufacturing the prius, more damage is done to the environment then what the car saves. In 1984 Honda was able to achieve 52mpg with the crx, that's more than the Prius, and many other hybrids can claim. And producing those cars did nothing to the environment compared to the Prius.

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