Trump Plans Massive 24% Cut To The EPA

President Donald Trump is expected to propose deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget as part of an effort to redirect federal spending toward a military buildup.

The move could diminish the EPA budget as much as 24 percent, according to a report by E&E News, the environmental and energy news service that has cranked out a steady stream of scoops on the new administration…

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20 thoughts on “Trump Plans Massive 24% Cut To The EPA”

  1. The USA only has 600 billion dollars a year to the military? and we are spending 8 billion dollars on something that doesnt even work? And why are we building other countries instead of our own? Screw it, increase the military budget to 1 trillion dollars, and infrastructure to 1 trillion dollars.


  3. who needs clean air to breathe when you could throw more Bombs at dirty brown people? Am I right???

  4. Trump is insane. Trump the faux populist. any minor good he might do will be erased by the massive mistakes he will and has done.

  5. Trump is a fucktard. Thinks he has the people behind him, while half the country didn't vote.

  6. Kyle, it's not the F-35 II, it's the F-35 Lightning II, named the Lightning II because there was already a first Lightning, the P38 in WWII.

  7. The military is more important. Our veteran's have not been treated as they should financially. If they fight for this country, they should be compensated like they do. On top of that, we're not eve sure by how much these cuts will be and the egregious WOTUS rule is finally getting revised, thanks to Trump. Channels like yours need to stop acting like Trump is doing a bad job. Smh

  8. The EPA has 15,000 employees? That is about 14,800 too many. Get rid of ALL of the dead weight, and make the rest WORK for their paycheck. And, I bet that the pay they get is way more than it should be, too. Take away their federal benefits and put them ALL on Obamacare. Let's see how they like being treated like the REST of us.

  9. Just to be clear, there was no F-35 1, the plane itself is the F-35 Lightning II. The aircraft had no predecessor, and was a colossal fuck up just by itself.

  10. Makes me wonder what Bernie is doing right now, will he ever side with Justice Democrats? His days are numbered, hope he lashes out already and gathers an army to show up at the newly christened tar pit that is America.

  11. Meanwhile Trump adds almost 7 times the EPA's annual budget to the already bloated defence budget.

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