16 thoughts on “What Is Global Warming?”

  1. Evidence that demonstrates how in the 10th century Europe was 2C warmer than it is now.Temperature fluctuates every day, every week, every year, every hundred years, every thousand years.Termites produce more methane than all other life on earth combined, and more CO2 than all life on earth and human industry combined. Oddly the science behind global warming includes the idea that more termites are beneficial to reduce global warming. (that one makes no sense to me)We're sill coming out of the ice age on the mega cycle so the earth is supposed to be warming up.Stop running round yelling that the sky is falling, if the sky falls there's noting you can do about it.

  2. we can stop using electricity whenwe dodnt need it recycle its nice but lets be honest for a sec we just need too reduce population thats all

  3. CURRENTLY, 2014 IS THE WARMEST YEAR ON RECORD, sea levels are rising at .4 of inch a year and accelerating, the METHANE BOMB is going off, what part of we are fucked don't right wingers understand?

  4. What is global warming? – this chick has NO IDEA.
    Typical view of cars and coal fired power – WRONG.

    Transport ALL – 13%
    Power ALL – 25-30%
    Building industry – 50-60%

    97% of ALL C02 is natural – Less than 3% is from humans.
    At 200ppm C02 is saturated – adding more will do nothing…

    Atmospheric C02 DOES NOT, CAN NOT and NEVER WILL re-radiate IR back to the Earths surface – PERIOD – 2ndLaw.

    Q: What is global warming?
    A: An unscrupulous grab for Money, Power and Control by government.


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