What is Green house effect and how is it associated with Global Warming

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The video describes the phenomenon called Greenhouse Effect. The glass house in the video is a prototype of our atmosphere. The house receives light of different frequencies from the sun. Radiations absorbed by the objects within the glass house are radiated back to the air. As a result heat radiations are trapped within the glass house. This eventually increases the temperature inside the glass house. This kind of house is also called ‘green house’ and hence ‘greenhouse effect’. Similar phenomenon is observed in our atmosphere. Infrared radiations radiated back from the ground to the atmosphere are trapped by molecules like carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, water vapor etc. Thus, our atmospheric temperature rises. Carbon dioxide from the exhaust gases of cars, factories, etc. contributes a lot to the rise in greenhouse effect.

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  1. Originally circulated as a Joke – Green House Effect equals global warming Is in no way true ! Solar Storms & Flares are the cause of planet heating. Carbon dioxide is what living animals exhale and nitrogen oxide is what we breath with oxygen so oxygen doesn't burn our lungs as a scuba diver about tank mixture.
    Carbon Dioxide cannot make a balloon rise, it is too heavy. It hugs the ground. Plants eat the gas and make oxygen that does rise. Oxygen is flammable & borders on catching fire in the sunlight. The heat causes the plants to transpire > sweat water that breaks up into the gas's oxygen & hydrogen. Hydrogen is the lightest gas shoots up quick to bond oxygen & form water again as rain. It works in an enclosure that elements don't escape out of it. If plants die the CO2=carbon dioxide, cools to form dry ice.
    The World has been tested and Failed ! They will rid or tax : dry ice, soda and clean devices that exhaust safe carbon dioxide ! Our oceans plants will die quickly without it. The artificial producers of oxygen will gain power. Now , air pollution mostly Hydrogen Sulfide rotten eggs stems mostly from volcanic activity & geologic process'. London Fog is nature, smog in the west from burning forests.

  2. Even if the atmosphere did work like a greenhouse (Which it doesn't), the actual Nuclear stacks they display do not emit CO2 like it say in the video. Why they would say it does doesn't make sense unless they are trying to make nuclear energy look really bad in pursuit of "clean" energy. This is what is really going on here

  3. Too bad it is incorrect. The inside of the greenhouse heats up because the glass walls prevent convection from occurring. The atmosphere bears no resemblance to a glass greenhouse.

  4. a very simple and nice explanation. Good one.
    Those of you who have commented on the accent…i think u guys don't even deserve to study more…just remain school dropouts, that will work for you…..blo*&($# y racists….


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