10 Surprising Effects Of Global Warming

From squirrels hiding in the mountains to the return of deadly diseases, here are 10 surprising effects of global warming.

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20 thoughts on “10 Surprising Effects Of Global Warming”

  1. These are some of the extreame effects of global warming. Everyone should sve plants and natural resources and preserve it. Theres a need for aforestration

  2. This is a crock. Blaming everything on Global Warming. Well, Global Warming made civilization possible. If we hadn't had massive Global Warming 12,000 years ago, you wouldn't have a computer. More than likely, you wouldn't be here. Human population would never have gotten higher than a few tens of thousands. Why? Not enough food and rain.

    The first notion that forest fires in the US is caused by Global Warming is nonsense. Ask yourself: How does land ever get water. If you say, "Rain," you're off to a good start, but you need to follow it back to its source. Rain comes from clouds, which come from water vapor, which comes from evaporation of water mostly from the oceans, which comes from Warming! Cold oceans don't evaporate much, and that leads to rain being very scarce. Thus, during the last glacial period of the current Ice Age, deserts were far more common.

    Ironically, our current interglacial is overdue to end. And end it will, as all interglacials of our current Ice Age. According to W.S. Broecker (1998), interglacials average 11,000 years. This one is as much as 6,000 years older than that. And 3,000 years ago, based on the work of Alley (2000), it appears the Holocene may have started to shut down, leading to the next glacial period.

    Every wimpy complaint people have about Global Warming (most of them lies, like this video) is nothing compared to the Bone Crunching Cold of a full-blown glacial period. Look at the 1998 Great Ice Storm of the American northeast (Canadian southeast). Millions almost died because every electrical conduit, except one, was destroyed by the ice. Glacials can grind civilization to dust. It will mean 90,000 years without summers, rain, crops, food and civilization.

    So, I would hope that we would start appreciating Global Warming while we have it. Almost everything said bad about Global Warming is a lie or half-truth, except sea level rise. Yes, that's a problem, but it's minor compared to deadly glacial cold. With rising sea levels, we can move (and I would have to move, too). But with Global Cooling on that scale (as much as -12C cooler), civilization dies, and 7 Billion humans die, too.

  3. Regret watching this! So heartbreaking, poor animals. For the ones who dont believe in global warming we r experiencing a mass extinct part 2 in animals since the dinosaurs! Yes temperature s r rising(but i notice that the north usa have had longer spring like temps in the summer and warmer winters, the south getting colder in winter and cooler ummers(we barely had any mid 90 temps)). Man this was sad as hell.

  4. god that edit that makes the text glitch in and out is annoying man. lol i can tell this is one of your older videos

  5. global warming is now called climate change. of course this video is dated but this year is definite proof. there have been numerous sink holes just this year, and northern hemispheric locations have started summer earlier, not to mention that there was barely any snow in the winter in some places that almost always have a cold winter, and then places that almost never get snow are seeing it for the first time. doesn't that strike as odd to anybody?

  6. Global warming videos always put me in a trolling mood, but i think I'll pass this time.

  7. People talk about global warming like it's some kind of  a joke 
    hey people Global warming is more dangerous than ISIS and even a full scale Nuclear world war  
    this planet is the only thing we have and if it continues like this soon it will be an uninhabitable planet for humans the only thing worst than the global warming is the eruption of a supervolcano now 
    this planet is the only thing we have and we didn't discover yet a planet that can carry us even if we do find one we need alot of time before we can reach it 
    so behave and be nice to our mother planet and think about future generation 
    if you can't do shit at least spread the word so that everybody will be aware of this danger

  8. Global warming is not really a gaining-heat-only event, it a hot-and-cold thing. Global warming can cause cold spells down to  negative temperatures. If it doesn't stop, very little land is left for us to live (like some parts of Asia and Africa only)

  9. Maybe we should all go vegan or vegetarian
    It's better for The environment
    But either way we're still going to have animal slaughter because we have pets that need meat for some reason

  10. Eating meat is the number one cause of climate change, deforestation, oceanic dead zones, pretty much every environmental disaster.

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