13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

Common misconceptions about climate change.
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20 thoughts on “13 Misconceptions About Global Warming”

  1. So we should put butt plugs up our cows asses and put our families in micro death trap cars made out of aluminum foil while China and other countries have nearly zero emission control and pollutes many, many times what we do. Lets just sacrifice our economy so we can prop up China's economy all in the name of feeling warm and fuzzy.

  2. I don't see why it's easier to have an argument than it is to just solve a problem and worry about stupid things afterwards, like seriously, we fix the problem and some rich lost little bit of their money that they were too selfish to just donate to some kind of charity that gets rid of the problem, aww, boo hoo hoo, like anyone cares.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. If there is a "climate change" than ocean level should increase which means cities like NY will be flooded but nothing like this happened yet.

  4. When are advocates going to learn that it doesn't matter whether GW is true or not as long as you keep it politicized. The politicization of GW is what keeps the opinion of it so polarized because now you have hypocritical politicians who are incapable of telling the truth pushing agendas. Cap & Trade, carbon taxes, 1,700 private jets to Switzerland and Al Gore, just to name a few. As a conservative myself I can say that I am not against the idea of global warming, but I absolutely will not willingly hand my liberties and my job and my way of life to some lying hypocritical politician. That, I will fight til the day I die.

  5. good video I have one problem with it tho. with Earth's natural temperature fluctuations you just brushed it off NBD but it really is a big deal. we know there was the ice age was created dramatically and about every 15k years. I think this would pose a bigger threat the unnaturally cc would. we also don't know what causes it maybe it's caused by the ninth planet idk.

  6. there are many wrong points in this video. You only state commonplaces.
    for instance: the CO2 tiny fraction must be compared with the whole "greenhouse gasses" (including water vapor) not only with with CO2… or… you didn't say anything about how the temperature is measured, and where (only troposphere)…. or… before humans there was no balance, temp changed anyway … ecc.


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