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  1. The only reason we are even debating this Fake Environmental Crisis at all is because it is perhaps the only way the ruling Elite can bring the United Nations up to its proper place as a World Government and promulgate a fascist "New World Order" in which millions will needlessly die.

  2. My country contributes gas the least compared to those big countries that are contributing SO MUCH gas for the development of their countries. They're lucky that they are richer and that they don't feel the heat of the global warming., They don't get to experience the big floods and the storm surges. Causing many lives of people who are weaker. I don't think the fight against global warming will end, until the Earth is almost dead and to the point of no return. People die everyday because there are only minority of people who truly cares.

  3. I just don't understand, people account for 3% of the carbon dioxide which really has no effect on the temperature of the earth. Plus a study by Harvard Scientist indicated that the world was much hotter between the 9th and 14th centuries than it is now. Plus I hate the excuse that the icecaps are melting since the Antarctic Peninsula is. However the western part(a larger part) is cooling and the icecaps are getting bigger. In fact temperature measurements of the Antarctic actually show that it has been cooling since the 1960's. Please before you take sides on the issue learn how our ecosystem works and how we have little effect on the greenhouse layer.

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  6. Warming a planet requires a Herculean effort ; i.e. burning thousands of Olympic swimming pools of oil and mountains of coal each and every day for a century or so….cooling it is really quite easy by comparison – One good volcano can put the planet into a decades long mini ice age in a matter of weeks. The scientist clam to be able to calculate the phenomena occurring in the Universe at 10 to the minus 35 seconds after the initialization of time and space : they need to be calculating just what would be required to generate the solar blocking effects of a volcano sufficiently to take some heat out of the system as and when it is obviously required. I would think a few nuclear powered devices could throw sufficient ultra light material into the upper atmosphere to bring the global temp down a degree.

  7. the earth has been much warmer in the past and still very much teeming with life. the scale that this video is referencing is misleading because it makes the viewer interpret the information differently. if you look a graph that incorporates the last few million years of temperature change you will see that the earth is in one of many cycles of rapid increase and decrease in global temperature.

  8. This is all just a misunderstanding here. The Medieval Warming Period was hotter than what the current temperature is globally today. This warming period occurred billions of years before humans actually came. This is proof that humans are not the main cause for global warming. Earth had its ice age and eventually it all melted, this is another proof that just because the ice sheets melting faster than ever before doesn't mean that it's caused by global warming. Right now I think the earth is going through its cooling period and progresses to its warm, hot, ice periods eventually. There has been numerous speculations that the earth may be going into its mini ice age in 15 years. So it just shows that there are times where the earth has to go to its different stages as it did billions years ago. And yeah people might think that "Noo that is all fake that happened long before we arrived". Well just because we humans are living on earth, doesn't mean that the earth has to stop going through its different stages (warming periods and ice ages).

  9. I think I've got it now:
    If you believe in the dangers that man made global warming poses for future generations and shout it from the rooftops, it is ok to travel on planes for recreational purposes- holidays etc, it's ok to drive a car and ok to eat meat, have multiple, even luxury, electrical appliances etc, but only as long as you also publicly support a global policy of denying people in developing countries the benefits that come with industrial development and things like air conditioning for ordinary people in Africa.
    It is also necessary to chastise people who don't believe the theory even if their carbon footprint is a fraction of yours.
    The hypocrisy of the vast majority of global warming alarmists sure does stink!

  10. if not for this video ninety percent of the sheeple would not have a kindergarten education on the green house effect. thank you for posting.

  11. (at)justforthis63 Thanks 🙂 It was just for a school project
    The song is "Foreign Land" by Eskimo Joe
    should say below the vid

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