PBS Global Warming The Signs and the Science

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Ever wonder what the difference between “global warming” and “climate change” is? The terms are used interchangeably, yet people interpret the terms in different ways. Trace breaks down what the difference is, and talks about how we perceive the terms differently.

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What’s In A Name? Global Warming vs Climate Change
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What’s In A Name?: Global Warming Versus Climate Change

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39 thoughts on “PBS Global Warming The Signs and the Science”

  1. They no longer call it global warming hmmm why you say well that's because they cant figure out if it's actually warming or cooling. This show is for those who have been spoon fed nonsense! Mother nature controls, creates our climate. Man has very little to no effect on climate and its been proven that the science that supported the big push on man made global warming was doctored to favor the herder who has feed his sheep lies. The fact that the usa government fund much of the climate science and only gives funding to scientists who see their view without critiquing it at all. This is bought and paid for science. Global warming hoax is a tool used to employ socialism. You control everything in the name of global warming and thats exactly what your socialist masters want. Thank God for Trump and him pulling out of the wheels of socialism thats being mask under the name if man made global warming bs!

  2. The sun drives earth's climate. Read "Upheaval" by John L. Casey. We are going into a grand solar minimum. The current cooling cycle is called the Eddy Minimum. We will know how severe the cooling will be by 2020. We will not need to wait until 2100.

  3. so bangladesh and louisianna are the only two areas where sea levels have risen? how nice of these two areas to assume all the worlds sea level rise I wonder if there is a ocean current set up as the water in the worlds oceans flow to these two areas? its amazing how climate change also affects how water levels are local and not global when these propanganda videos surace.

  4. They are trying to terraform the planet and are using the excuse of Climate Change. Wake-Up sheeple the entire solar system is warming up – it's the sun not Carbon!!! (Confirm with NASA if needed)

  5. President  Trump says that "Global Warming" is a "hoax" and was  made up by the "Chinese" (their  growing smog problem in  major cities I n that country—especially  Beijing). (It must be in the fortune cookies because that's bullshit! Follow the last ten fifteen years  and all the evidence is there and it's not just "the earth temperature adjusting itself!". I remember growing up the seventies how the weather was and it was "nothing" like  it was today (20 degree temperature on Christmas day? Had that here in Canada! That 's not the  climate I remember growing up in the seventies! ) . These  documentaries are made for a reason–to educate and also inform and to encourage people to get off our asses and get involved in different ways! I'm not saying to be "paranoid"  but  to  do our part and help  our environment (whether it be family or business). It's our choice!!  Shit, Global warming is  REAL and not some sort of fallacy!  Be resolved and get involved !

  6. permafrost thaw in the arctic region is currently emitting 50 million tons of methane and carbon, and will soon rival greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. currently the world is emitting 65 billion with a increase of 2 billion tons annually. Methane traps 20 times more heat than carbon. China is selling and producing 20 million cars a year bringing to total number of automobiles to 380 million.

  7. Stopped watching as soon as I saw celebrity endorsing – you know, people who make way too much money and live an extraordinary life in large houses and many cars while telling the rest of us we have to do without. Go fuck yourself, alanis.

  8. Global warming has many different parts to it. The greenhouse effect consists of three particles which are Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide. Smoke from cars produces more Carbon Dioxide. Smoke from factories have all 3 of them. Trees would take in Carbon Dioxide and spit out Oxygen. However, people cut down trees so a lot of Carbon Dioxide stays and they replace trees with buildings. The more Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide there is, the thicker the level of greenhouse gases become and it will trap more heat into the earth. This will produce global warming.

  9. scientist need to come up with a new unit to measure global warming based on the amount of heat it takes to kill a human baby. Then When reporting global tempature increase.. "The earth has increased by 567 dead babies" they will get traction with the more ignorant factions that hold America hostage.

  10. I stumbled upon this video & was relieved it's a post from 2012 …but then I remembered who's in office. 😖 😫

  11. Uggh! Just shut up! This video is the equivalent if a group of dodo's trying to deferentiate between EXTINCTION and DEATH, instead of doing something about the threat of their own demise! IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU CALL IT, IT'S KILLING US! A poison by any other name is still deadly.

  12. “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” – Genesis 8:22

  13. Global Climate Scam –It is a mixture of not just the relentless propaganda spread by the "Man-made Global Warming" Industry ( a multi-billion dollar industry), it is also both the extreme ignorance and extreme arrogance of some people that allows the myth to continue.

    Five minutes research by any five year old will yield the basic fact that Modern science completely fails to even accurately predict basic weather out for a month!

    Climatology itself is not even remotely an exact science and it is concerned mostly with reading past climate changes in the ice and earth.

    Yet these "Doom Sayers" and "SJW" people actually believe science can predict weather patterns and climate both for decades to centuries in to the future! Its goes beyond general ignorance in to gleeful, purposeful ignorance. As for those who mix insult with "go to school" comments aimed at those who don't buy in to their hysteria; I notice they use either no facts/science at worst and at best only use sources that are completely invalid.

  14. I'm weird. I like the term, "Climate Change" because to me it says, "Ice Age" and I'm looking forward to having one.

  15. It makes no difference to me. I am old enough to have seen global warming, and I have studied enough to understand the implications of climate change. Global warming can be seen as a steady progression, whereas as climate change is rather chaotic. The Sahara was once a garden spot and could be again with a minor change in wind patterns, or the American midwest could become arid, for examples. The scary scenario is climate change for which we are unprepared.


  17. Guys the climate has been changing since the beginning of time…..stop fearing death, every life including the earth has a beginning and end and no one can stop either.

  18. Isn't global warming an aspect of climate change? As in, one of the ways in which the global climate is changing is that the average global temperature is warmer.

  19. To me, climate change is a more unsettling sounding name because "climate" is rather definitive of a word. Global warming could just mean it's it's getting hotter without any indication of what that means or for how long. Climate change, however, straight up says that the weather on a wide and long term basis is changing in a way that it does not normally do.

  20. i think if all of the this human activity stop the earth will be save for little time until a new animal evolve and do what we are doing now and maybe more.

  21. Climate change makes more sense because when the changing climate results in huge unseasonal polar cycles traveling across america for example, it doesnt give conservatives a 'gotcha' argument against 'global warming'


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