Evidence: Environmental issues

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Are GMOs Safe?! | Evidence on the Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods | Diet Debbie

In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, Abbey dives into the deep world of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and reviews the research regarding its safety and nutritional value. Abbey is joined by Extreme Diet Debbie who is extremely scared of GMOs and is convinced they are not safe to eat and must be avoided. Debbie likes … Read more

Approximate Position of PLANET X – EVIDENCE Analyst a RED DOT in the Sky

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Does Nature Evidence God? – John Lennox – An Atheist Responds #10

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Greenhouse Gases: Climate Change, Lines of Evidence: Chapter 3

The National Research Council is pleased to present this video that explains how scientists have arrived at the current state of knowledge about recent climate change and its causes. This is part three of a seven-part series, available on the National Academies channel. Video Rating: / 5 Visit www.makemegenius.com for free science videos. The Greenhouse … Read more