Are GMOs Safe?! | Evidence on the Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods | Diet Debbie

In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, Abbey dives into the deep world of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and reviews the research regarding its safety and nutritional value. Abbey is joined by Extreme Diet Debbie who is extremely scared of GMOs and is convinced they are not safe to eat and must be avoided. Debbie likes … Read more

Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe to Eat? (Science of Genetic Engineering)

Presented by Anastasia Bodnar PhD. In a recent Pew poll, 88% of AAAS scientists said that genetically engineered crops were safe to eat. In contrast, only 37% of non-scientists surveyed said genetically engineered crops were safe to eat. While there are values-based issues involved, such as the role of capitalism and patents in our food … Read more

Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe? – Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru

During an “In Conversation with the Mystic” event with Dr. Devi Shetty, Sadhguru answers a question from a Facebook follower, on genetically modified foods and whether it is good for the body or not. The next ‘In Conversation with the Mystic’ will see Sadhguru in a lively and insightful discussion with actress, film producer and … Read more

Hybrid Vehicles and Safe Repairs

New hybrid vehicles are hitting the roadways every year and understanding how they function, and how to properly repair them is critical for today’s collision repair shops. Avoiding injuries from high voltage systems should be top priority, and this webcast will offer some insight into safely repairing hybrids. Thanks to Mitchell International and I-CAR for … Read more