The Greenhouse Effect

The temperature of earth has been relatively constant over time. This is possible because as the planet absorbs solar radiation, it also emits longwave radiation into space. Despite this radiative equilibrium, some longwave radiation remains trapped beneath the atmosphere of the earth and warms the surface of the earth. This phenomenon is called the “greenhouse effect.”

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  1. A very poor explanation, IMHO. Earth's energy flow is a convective model. Nothing is actually trapped. Rather, IR radiation is impeded from leaving the atmosphere into space, but ultimately does. Heat absorption at lower levels is effectively saturated. It is believed, however, that some of the heat not absorbed by GHGs at the lower levels could be absorbed at higher levels more effectively if more CO2, methane, etc. are added. This would further impede the escape if IR heat into space and result in further warming of the earth. Whether this is anything to worry about is a matter of much disagreement.

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  4. Joseph P Trantas, Sr.   i need your help please watch pt-1 and pt-2 very important !!!!!! also dr john holdren thank you  if I have to watch one more video of all these experts talking about greenhouse gases I'm going to explode I am showing something with greenhouse gas that is 10 times bigger than their story but no one is looking at this it drives me crazy how could you talk about this without looking at my research please take the time to watch the video I posted this problem must come to the front of all conversations pertaining to climate change study especially greenhouse gases thank you     


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