Wild Pond Update INSANE GROWTH Pond Plant Growth! Wildlife Pond COVERED in Pond Plants

Wild Pond UPDATE- How about that for some INSANE POND Plant GROWTH? Pretty Killer eh? This Wild pond is a blast for me. I can’t get over (ok, mother nature knows best…) The MONSTER growth of the plants in this wild Pond!

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20 thoughts on “Wild Pond Update INSANE GROWTH Pond Plant Growth! Wildlife Pond COVERED in Pond Plants”

  1. I don't think he wants to restock fish every spring, so all the tropical fish suggestions, including guppies will die over winter. Goldfish and koi will eat the plants. Probably the sunfish would be best. Idk how bluegill do in the winter, but they're cool too. Don't do gambusia, they breed like crazy and nothing else wants to eat them as they have sharp barbs on the dorsal fins.

  2. As an ecologist in a past life, I have to ask a question. You say the pond doesn't communicate with any other body of water. So where does the water come from? Just rainwater? If that is the case, it should dry up on occasion when rainfall drops. And if there is a water source, then even though you are "OK with it", that doesn't mean it is actually OK to put non native species into a waterway. By the way, even if it is an isolated body of water, plants can be transported to other bodies of water on the feet of birds, for example. I suppose what I am saying is that, whether you are "OK with it" or not, seeding waters with non native species is dangerous and, usually, very illegal. I hope that those watching this video and making comments about the fish species they think you should release (especially anything non native that could survive the winter with no natural predators) don't go running out looking for a pond THEY can plant up with elodea etc. There is a very good reason why this practice is illegal. You are sending a VERY bad message to those who don't understand the danger. Just my humble opinion.

  3. Start off with Red Ear Sunfish or any bluegill/sunfish. They will feed off the leeches. I've been waiting for an update on this!! Add Lilly Pads!!

  4. Bullheads, green sunfish, blackstripe topminnows, and mosquito fish could live in any pond like that, as all those species are tougher than nails.

  5. Add white clouds they will breed up to crazy numbers in there and they can handle cold water well

  6. Put some of Live bearer fish like Guppies Mollies Platies Sword tail and many more in 1 year you got a huge variety of fish.


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